What is Co-Addiction

What is Co-Addiction and Co-Dependency?

The terms co-addiction and co-dependency are psychological terms and are often used synonymously.
Drug Rehabilitation Treatment

Can Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Give Back Your Life?

Being addicted to drugs and alcohol is like losing complete control of every waking moment of your life. Drugs and alcohol dictate every move an individual makes when they are addicted. Where and when you sleep, who you associate with, how much money you spend, and to what (legal and illegal) lengths you are willing...
effects of Rohypnol Addiction

The Symptoms & Short-Term and Long-Term effects of Rohypnol Addiction

Rohypnol is a benzodiazepine that is commonly used to treat insomnia and muscle spasms for individuals in Europe and South America. In the United States, Rohypnol use is illegal. It is known here for being a club drug that causes somnolence and amnesia. Because of these effects, Rohypnol use is commonly used as a date...
Addiction Recovery Process

Tips to Take It Easy in Addiction Recovery Process

What is recovery about? Is it just not using mind-altering and intoxicating substances, or is it a lifestyle change? Is recovery in your heart, or is it in your body and soul? Why is it important to change the people, places, and things you have had in your life when you are in addiction recovery?...
Mental Health

How Does Catastrophic Thinking Affect Our Mental Health?

Recently, a lady from Solano sent me an email and asked if having bizarre thoughts about terrible things was common with severe anxiety states. I assured her that these types of thoughts were indeed common to anxiety sufferers and that the name for them is catastrophic thinking.” She had described to me that when severe...
Effects of Smoking Marijuana

What are the Effects of Smoking Marijuana?

Marijuana is one of the most consumed drugs among drug addicts as well casual users. In fact, most addicts get hooked on drugs by starting with marijuana. In many cases of the addiction treatment programs in Los Angeles, we can find many marijuana consumers. It causes severe effects on the mind and the body, which...

How to Lower Back Pain at Work

Back pain is very common in people. If you have a desk-bound job then you are more likely to experience lower back pain. Sitting at a desk all day long may increase your back pain and may make you less productive. Here are some helpful ways for you to prevent back pain at work. 1....
Alcohol Intoxication

Alcohol Intoxication Symptoms And Treatment

Alcohol is a big problem in our society that can destroy the life of any person. And not only because it is consumed by a very large number of inhabitants of the planet, but also because the components that make up intoxicating drinks cause great harm to the human body. Sometimes even death. Alcohol intoxication...
proper medical treatment

Where People Of Limited Means Can Obtain Proper Medical Care

Soaring costs and complex insurance policies often make the US healthcare system inaccessible to populations in the US living with limited means, a group that includes undocumented immigrant workers, the homeless population, individuals living below the poverty line, or some residents of low-income neighborhoods. These populations have a much harder time securing proper medical care...
Women itching scalp

5 Essential Tips to Help Sooth Your Itchy or Irritated Scalp

An itchy scalp can get you down. It's distracting, uncomfortable, and even makes you feel self-conscious when you're around other people