3 Nuances that Make Luxury Poker Sets Better than the Rest

Are you looking to up your game nights at home? Do you enjoy playing poker with your friends, but don’t have the necessary game pieces? If so, consider purchasing a luxury poker set that will not only provide everything you need for a fun game night, but that will last a lifetime. While it’s easy to shop for a poker set online or at a local department store, quality is not always available in those settings. There are a few touches the perfect collection should embody to ensure you are receiving a first-class set. Here are just a few to consider when you’re looking for yours

Not All Chips Are Equal

As with most things in life, quality counts, including poker chips. There are several materials you should be watchful of when comparing the chips for your set. The cheapest material used to manufacture poker chips is plastic. Although the most common, due to being inexpensive, plastic chips are lightweight, causing issues with moving around on the table more than players may want. Conversely, well-designed poker chips, are created using heavier, more durable materials, including ceramic, clay, and composite to be more substantial and provide a natural experience playing poker.

Check Out the Cards and Dice

While poker chips are at the forefront of every poker game, cards and dice should also be of high quality. When seeking out a luxury poker set, ensure there is more than one deck of cards. Any professional set should come with two decks. Having additional decks provides the extra cards required for a variety of games and any necessary deck changes. Playing cards today are typically made from either paper cards coated with plastic (vinyl) or are 100% plastic.

Plastic coated playing cards are mass produced and inexpensive. Unfortunately, quality is lacking in this type of cards. Unlike the 100% plastic cards which are designed for regular play, plastic coated cards are easy to crease, bend or tear. On the other hand, 100% plastic cards are durable, easy to deal, slide well across a poker table and are tough to mark.

Dice in luxury poker sets also require consideration. Made of plastic polymers, poker dice should be of the same size, shape, and weight.

Ensure a Protective Case

Of course, a poker set is not complete without a case to store everything. Protecting your poker set from damage will have you playing for years. Together with all the components of a luxury poker set, it is essential that you make sure the case provided is top-notch. Although there are several budget cases, consider one that is heavier, lacquered and contains a liner on the inside. Specific compartments for game pieces will also ensure the protection of your investment.

Although there are plenty of options available today for poker sets, looking for these distinctive qualities in yours will not only provide you with the best gaming experience for you and your friends but will keep it in shape for years to come. With a top-rated luxury poker set, you can bring a Vegas experience to your gathering and impress your fellow poker aficionados.

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