5 Awesome Techniques To Look Better In Photos

Finding your body angles as you strike a pose is a tough job to do. Some people had to ridiculously bend their body almost 360 degrees to get the best picture of themselves for the best capture.

It’s given that every human has imperfections and this is something we need to embrace. Sometimes flaws make us unique. It may hard to strike a pose as shutter clicks, but you can still find ways to slay it.

So there’s no need to be shy with your looks and striking a pose doesn’t need to be painful. In this case, you might need to see the things listed below on you can do better in photos depending on your features and shape.

Try to change your angle to look slimmer.

take selfie

Stay away from your usual angle. The camera adds around almost ten pounds compared to how you look in reality. The camera sees a lot more of your body if you sit or stand straight, so that’s not going to be an excellent capture.

By changing your angle, you can at least turn 45 degrees off from the camera, pushing your body weight through your back foot, tuck your arm and bend. Show some jawline too. If you want to define your waist, try using your hand and squeeze a little bit to look thinner.

Not cheese but say “Money.”

Mostly, cheese is the keyword to get a pleasant smile. Patti Wood, a body language experts, says that the extended or strong “e” goes up the corners of your mouth. That means that by saying the word “money” instead of “cheese” makes your smile more real.

Uncover your other side.

In general, a lot of people always choose their right side when they take pictures of themselves. Generally, according to study that the left side of every human’s face is more tempting compared to the right.

Suit your height in frames.

For shorter people always show your full body length. From the top of your head to the tip of your toe, everything must be maximized and shown.

Also when taking group photos, stay or stand on the back of taller people away from the lenses. In this way, you will look taller than you are. It is a common trick that is usually done by shorter people so as not to look off.

Pick your colors.

From your clothes down to your makeup you need to choose the colors that best suit you. If you are a little bit plump, try to use dark colors. Black is the best color for chubby people because it hides their fats and looks a little bit thinner in cameras.

For slimmer people, any colors might do but don’t be too overwhelmed. You need to know your skin tone and match it with the right shade of shirt so you’ll look classy yet straightforward.


Every picture that we take is important to us. We wanted it to be perfect and look beautiful as we are. If you wanted to show the best in you may follow the tips stated above. Also, you may find more tips online like Magnet Me and look better than before.

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