Cool winds and winter are all gone now. Warm summer and scorching sun are just around the corner.

If it is car maintenance tips that you are looking for, here are 4 important tips that will help you brace yourself with warm summer season in Dubai.

Check your tyres

Tyres are first things that are most likely to be affected during summer. At a matter of fact, cases of tyre bursts greatly increase in the season. For instance if you have lower air in your car tyres, it will not only increase fuel consumption but also wear brake system rapidly. Therefore, car maintenance experts suggest inflating your car adequately – first and foremost tip for Ford service in Dubai.

Air filter

As you know, sandstorms are quite common during summer in United Arab Emirates. Your car air filters will probably get clogged. Therefore, maintenance experts in Dubai recommend car owners to get air filters and cleaned or changed every month.

At least, air filters should be changed at 15000 KM. Also, take in your consideration what terrain you are driving on.

Test your battery

Have a look at your car battery and make sure if it has got any corrosion. If you find corrosion forming on your battery, it is time to replace it with a new one. You can search on Google for Ford service in Dubai near you. As discretion is better part of valour, install a new branded battery in your car before weather gets any warmer.

Check brakes

Experts recommend that ca owners should stick to the schedule for brake specified in your car manual. If you are not sure as to when you should replace car pads or fluids, we will suggest you to check it every 12,000 KM.

For obvious reasons, brakes health is important for you. No worries! It is not that expensive. Depending on your car model and quality of spare parts, you can get pads or fluids from $60 to $200. Visit a top-rated and qualified automotive technician and get best parts installed in your car.

Forget not to leave anything inside

During summer, the temperature may go up to 50+ in Dubai. Given extreme weather conditions, the interior of car feels like an oven. A few years back, The National did an experiment and baked biscuits on the top of a car within a couple of hours. This experiment highlighted the fact that people should not leave children, pets, perfume bottles or any edible things inside the car.

Last but not least, to help you keep your car healthy in these extreme climatic conditions, avail the services of an experienced car maintenance expert. Ask your friends for referrals and you will be able to save thousands.

More than saving money, it is important to save ourselves and our loved ones from any harm. Without taking any chances, you should make sure your car is healthy.

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