5 Simple Mantras of Living A Healthy Peaceful Life

In his bestselling book, ‘The Power of Now: A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment’, Eckhart Tolle, a renowned spiritual teacher and author, says, “It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.”

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Each day we are alive is shaped by what we practice, and how we live. We have to make a choice between living and being in the present moment, or not.

Most people have a simple phrase or a powerful statement they live by, commonly referred to as a mantra, but can this actually make any difference in our lives?

The answer is yes

Mantras help clear up negative thoughts and actions to pave way for more positive and forward thinking ones.

Here are five powerful mantras for living a healthy, peaceful life.

  1. I am enough

This statement constantly reminds you that everything else around you is enough, thus you prevent the stresses and hangovers that come with expectations.

Comparison to others not only creates resentment and envy, but kills our creativity.

  1. I am at peace

This is an acknowledgement that being at peace and fully present in the now, is more of a dynamic activity than it is passive.

It also entails learning how to breathe well; take long, slow and deep breaths in, and slowly exhale out while reciting this mantra.

Let go of the worries and self-doubt; exhale the stress, and inhale peace.

  1. Let it go

Thinking about the past makes us depressed, whereas thinking about the future makes us anxious. Why not think about the present moment, because that’s what you have right now?

Letting go of the past means letting go of people that hold you back, your anger, the need to be perfect, the bitterness and everything negative, and embracing the good. This is the only way to feel less pain, less depressed, and move on.

It also means forgiving, which can be difficult, but it comes with a peace that is totally worth it.

  1. It’s working for my good

This mantra cuts through your thoughts, especially negative ones, and reminds you of the immense possibilities available for you if you let go and move from the negative to the positive.

It attracts new ways of living and being, creating new perceptions in your life.

It gives a more open feeling and an inevitable mind shift to how you usually view your world.

  1. Nothing is permanent

This is a reminder that nothing bad or good is permanent.

When you keep this in mind, and keep repeating it to yourself, it helps you detach from particular outcomes, or from getting caught up in specific situations.

By Jenny Travens for (Superfoodsliving)

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