5 Sleek And Exotic Car Wrap Ideas

If your car is your baby, you want her to make a statement. Today, many drivers are turning to car wraps as an option to stylize their vehicles. Whether you want something exotic, classic, or just plain wacky, there are plenty of car wrap ideas for you. Plus, compared to a standard paint job, car wraps are much less expensive to install, fix, and remove.

Why Get Your Car Wrapped?

Using vinyl wraps is a great way to put your own personal touch on your vehicle, no matter how simple or how loud you want it to be. If you’re buying a brand new car, for example, don’t you want to make it uniquely your own?

Because a car wrap is a thick vinyl coating all over your car, it helps protect the body against minor chips, scratches, and dings. This way, if you ever go to re-sell it and the new owner doesn’t want the wrap, you can just take it right off. A high-quality wrap should come off in one piece.

1. Animal print car wrap

You might chuckle at the thought, but a lot of animal print wraps that have been done lately look pretty cool. Tiger, cheetah, and zebra are some popular options, but if you want to give fellow drivers a laugh, why not cow print? With any animal print option, you could have the bottom half of the wrap stay white, to resemble the underbelly of the animal.

If you own a fierce car and an exotic lifestyle, an animal vinyl wrap might just send the right message.

2. Camouflage print car wrap

Camo print vinyl wraps have fallen in and out of the spotlight a few times now, but with the right color combination on the right car, this look is timeless. You could do a grayscale camouflage, the classic darker green or camel-tan colors, or you can get creative.

Choose a bright green or orange camouflage color scheme to really make a statement, or go with charcoal grey, purple, maroon, or other darker colors for a sleek yet fun feel.

3. Chrome car wrap

When done right, a chrome car wrap looks sleek and sexy. It doesn’t have to be silver, either—you can get a custom chrome vinyl wrap of almost any color you’d like. But, be careful, as chrome wrapping can be more expensive than many other wrapping options.

4. An unconventional color car wrap

If you don’t want your car to be too loud but still want a fun, unique, change, just choose your favorite color. It will instantly make your car feel like your car, and it’s a very classy way to keep things fresh. Plus, if you end up wanting a different color after a while, you can always get a new wrap.

5. Blackout car wrap

Blackout car wraps are becoming increasingly popular. This wrap option is becoming so popular that some manufacturers even offer it as a standard option when you purchase a new car! If you’re looking for a mysterious, sleek, attention-grabbing car wrap idea, this one is definitely for you. Compared to a regular vinyl wrap, a blackout car wrap is subtle yet stark.

Your blackout car wrap doesn’t need to be glossy either. Just like car paint, you can choose matte or satin finishes as well.

Want To Learn More About Wrapping Your Car?

If you think a vinyl car wrap is for you, then head on over to professionals for high-quality car wrapping services of all types. If you have any questions about the process or are ready to take the plunge, reach out today.

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