5 Steps to Help Find the Best Pet-Friendly Apartments

If your family has a beloved pet, you understand all the benefits of having that furry friend around. Whether it be for your improved emotional or physical well-being, owning a pet can enhance your life. Unfortunately, not everyone is as keen as you are when it comes to having an animal around. You will find this especially true if you ever need to find a new place to live. Before you panic, thinking you have to give up Fido, there are a few steps you can take that will help you find the best pet-friendly apartments.

Get an Early Start on Finding Pet-Friendly Apartments

The earlier you begin your hunt for communities or luxury apartments that allow pets, the better your results will be. By allowing sufficient time between the end of your current lease and taking on a new one, you will help yourself avoid having to surrender your pet. In addition, stressing over having to find a new apartment immediately could result in you settling for a place that doesn’t meet all of your needs. Spreading out the search over weeks and even months will reduce the stress and help ensure your new apartment has all the amenities you want.

Utilize Available Resources

Although you may not realize it, there is a world of pet-friendly apartment information available. Whether it be searching the internet, reading local apartment guides, connecting with the Humane Society or veterinarians in your desired area, all of these resources can prove to be beneficial to your search. Also consider asking for suggestions from family, friends, and even co-workers that also have pets.

Provide Documentation

Having proof you are a responsible pet owner can go a long way when it comes to encouraging management to allow your pet. Several suggestions for documents include references from your current landlord, medical records from your veterinarian, spay or neuter status, and any liability coverage you carry on your pet. This information will indicate that you are a responsible pet owner and may reassure your prospective apartment manager.

Promote Your Pet

Just as there is an advantage to an impressive resume when you apply for employment, your furry friend could benefit from a glowing resume as well. Some information you should include on your pet’s resume is the pet’s name, age, breed, and temperament. You may want to demonstrate how well-behaved and cared for your pet is by introducing your pet to your prospective property manager.

Ask Questions

If you locate a few apartments that seem ideal for you and your pet, do not assume it will fit all your needs. Ask questions about the property. Amenities to know about before renting an apartment may include if there is an area for your pet’s bathroom breaks and a safe play or walking area available within the community or nearby. You could ask about the size restrictions for pets or noise ordinances for the building. Don’t hesitate to inquire, as this is an essential step to ensuring your new home is appropriate for you and your pet. It also helps the property manager understand how responsible you are as a tenant if you want to ask the right questions and abide by the rules.

Finding the perfect pet-friendly apartment for you and your pet can be quite a task. However, with these steps, you are sure to locate the ideal home for you and Fido.

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