7 Best And Worst Snack For The Child’s Health

When it comes to the dental health of the kids, what the children eat and drink, the time of consumption and how they consume it have a very powerful impact on their teeth. Kids have too much of energy which means they even have the capacity to exhausts themselves very fast. But this does not stop them from playing or getting involved in the physical activities. This makes them feel hungry and thirsty all the time. Such frequent consumption is good for the kids growth provided they take proper and healthy food. Junk food and sugary items not only impact their mind and body but also effects their oral health. In order to prevent their oral health from declining, it is very important for them to take care of their teeth. While proper brushing, flossing can help you maintain the oral health, there are certain foods that can also have an impact on the oral health.

food-for-dental health

Listed below are some good and bad food for your kids teeth:

Good foods

  1. High fiber fruits and vegetable

Crunchy, juicy vegetables are like an exercise for the mouth. Not only are they like gold mines for heath, they also improve the oral health. The fruits and vegetables need to be chewed several times. This stimulates the flow of saliva in the mouth. Saliva is like a protective shield to the teeth and very good for our mouth.

  1. Dairy Products

The dairy products, if taken without added sugar, can help teeth in many ways. They are high in calcium which is good for teeth. Other dairy products, like milk, yogurt also provide Vitamin D. Our body needs many stimulants to absorb the minerals. Vitamin D helps our body the calcium that is good for our teeth.

  1. Water

Water is the best for our body. It helps in keeping us fit and safe from a lot of health issues. As for healthy teeth and gums, the benefits of water cannot be ignored. Water is the final rising agent for foods and sugary drinks. Some cities also have fluoridated water. Best dental clinic in Hyderabad suggest that drinking fluoridated water strengthens the tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay.

  1. Tea and cocoa

Consuming green and black tea is good for the teeth. They contain polyphenols that come in contact with the plaque causing bacteria. Polyphenols suppress the harmful bacteria and prevent them from attacking the tooth. They also contain cavity fighting properties and have strong streptococci properties.

Bad Foods

  1.  Carbonated drinks

Soft drinks are every child’s favourite. The main content in the carbonated drinks is sugar. In fact, sugar intake in the form of liquid is the worst. They attract more bacteria and also run directly into the blood causing many health problems. Many time people think that the diet drinks wouldn’t harm the kid as they are low on sugar. But the truth is , the diet drinks are high in tooth damaging acids like phosphorus and citric and must be avoided by kids.

  1.  Long Lasting, sticky sweet

We all loved having plenty of candy and caramel bars in our pockets as kids. Sweets are one such addiction. Kids just cannot avoid them. But the gooey, sugary sweets are damaging the teeth. They are sticky and get stuck in the areas the brush cannot reach. This exposes them to the bacteria for a longer period of time, giving them enough time to attack and cause cavities and plaque.

  1.  Starchy foods

Most of the starchy foods like white bread, potato chips and french fries get easily lodged between the teeth. The starch converts into sugar immediately and exposes the teeth to bacteria.

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