7 Melt-Free Makeups That You Ought To Carry In Summer

With the onset of summer, the biggest worry that most of the women come across is the melting away of makeup with excessive sweating. From your multi-layered smokey eyes to your aesthetic bronzer, the high humid levels take a toll on every makeup trick you bet. It is judicial to not to rely on your winter makeup kit as the summer calls for such products which specialize in holding your make up for the longer duration when the heat is at its peak.

Many of us are not aware much of the heat-proof cosmetics that can set-you-going throughout summer without any glitch. You will love to embrace the scorching heat of this summer with your ultimate style by using such melt-free products that will allow you to hang out with a picture-perfect face even when the sun is at its peak. It’s a time to stay away from the worries while you are on your way this summer.

Melt-Free Makeups

Here are the 7 melt-free Make ups that you out to carry in summer to stay fresh and Insta-friendly all day long:

1.Smooth Primer by Paula’s Choice RESIST Smoothing Premier Serum SPF 30

Say goodbye to those heavy primers that give a bulgy look with dab-spots due to excessive sweating at the time. Perfect to fit into your clutch, this light-weight primer ensures a flawless complexion with just an application of tiny drop. The botanical extracts present in it along with some antioxidants protect your skin against the radicals as well. So, traveling during summer is no more a hassle! How about picking up this primer to go perfectly well with your beautiful red corset for your next travel plan?

2.Waterproof Bronzer by Tarter Cosmetics Amazonian Clay

To get a sun-kissed glow over your face, a bronzer is a must-have. To get a perfect glow on your cheeks this summer that will make you feel glamorous all the way, Waterproof Bronzer by Tarter Cosmetics Amazonian Clay is the best bet to go with. The presence of Amazonian clay makes this bronzer waterproof and also helps to control oil. It is quite effective in holding your makeup for longer hours as well. So, get ready to pitch a model-worthy look with this ultimate bronzer this summer.

3.Long Lasting Liner by Stile Cosmetics

Your eyes say a lot about you and of course, eye-makeup is indispensable irrespective of the season. Perfect eye-makeup call for a smudge-free liner especially during summer when due to excessive sweating, chances are high that you liner may ditch you any time of the day. But long-lasting Liner by Stile Cosmetics can certainly rescue you this summer by giving a perfect budge-free look. It claims to be formulated with a no-fuss fluid which enables the perfect lines anytime.

Melt-Free Makeups

4.Smudge-Proof Mascara by the Balm Scuba

To give your eye-lashes an ultimate lush, Mascara plays a vital role. To hit a beach party, you will certainly look for a mascara that will not let you down at its stubborn humidity. So, Smudge-Proof Mascara by The Balm Scuba is all set to give you that Instagram-friendly looks by working separately for your lashes. It ensures that you will not face any black-spots or smudging due to excessive sweating or humidity.

5.Budge-free eyeshadow stick by TERRY Ombre Blackstar Color-Fix Cream Shadow

With its single stroke, it ensures luscious smooth eye-lids and gives dramatic smokey eyes.  It comes with an easy pen applicator and also offers a smear-free formula that prevents it from smudging even in excessive humidity. This creamy eye-shadow will set every eye on your face with its ultra-radiance. Say bye to sticky-looks this summer and look chic with no lined imprints at all. Even after hours, you will enjoy a smudge-free long-lasting finish with perfect smokey eyes. Embrace your corset dresses with this glistening eyeshadow and get ready to steal the show.

6.Lip2Cheek Balm by RMS Beauty

After eyes, your lips are the next ‘big thing’ that seek the attention. This nourishing cream hydrates your lips perfectly and aids them well under the burning sun. The soothing shade gives your lips a natural color and you can use it over your cheeks as well. It has been formulated with nourishing elements as shea butter, Argan, cocoa and coconut oil that serve several benefits to your lips and cheek and keeps them supple.

7.Oil-free Sunscreen by Shiseido

Can you think a summer without sunscreen? The benefits of sunscreen are significant in protecting your skin against the harsh UV sun rays. This sunscreen, not only protect your skin from harsh sun rays but also help your makeup to stay longer with its water-resistant formula. This oil-free sunscreen does not aid to the excessive oil produced by the skin under humid conditions and let you blush even under the harsh sun.


Go summer-ready with this summer-friendly range of makeup that will let you gush even under the scorching sun. Don’t forget to nab some enthralling moments while mercury is soaring high with Corralejo tequila.

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