How To Avoid Buying Homes With A Poor & Inappropriate Layout?

Home buyers at times have no idea about a poor layout even when they see one but, exploring the unit would surely make them feel as if something’s fishy. This particular feeling is mostly due to a poor design and layout where rectifying the fault asks for a lot of additional investment and re engineering. So before you decide on ‘improving’ a bad layout, ask the contractor if it can be done or relocation is the only possible and best option.

Common poor designs

Homeowners can easily overlook the layout after being the continuous occupants for a couple of years. Common day activities turn into a routine practice and navigating different corners of the home wouldn’t make any difference but, when new buyers step in; this is when issues begin to emerge especially with a bad layout. With buyers, here’s what turn them away from making an investment;

  • Entrance & interior stairway face-to-face

In pure ‘Chinese’, a staircase located right in front of the entrance is termed as ‘Bad Feng Shui’. However, it also depends on birth or inherited elements of an individual which mightn’t affect everyone with the same intensity as it did to you. From design and practical point-of-view, a stairway greeting you right at the entrance can be repellent and downright annoying. Acceptable options include curve, wide, well lighted and side-located stairways.

  • Entrance greeted by a hallway

Emphasis is again on the entrance since it makes a first impression when stepping in a home. Buyers have minutes to make a mind if they’re to think on the investment or simply move ahead. Though it mightn’t be a conscious decision, feelings of the buyers may factor in the purchase or rejection decision.

Those long, dark and narrow hallways are a huge down factor especially if the hallway features the entire view right at the entrance. Most of the homes designed in this way are duplexes that later were restructured into single-family residences. Investing in a three bedroom apartment in Sharjah is more sound and sane decision so think about it.

On the contrary, duplexes boast a design where a living room is right beside a dining room with kitchen at rear of the house and bedrooms are featured along the aisle or hallway. The very aesthetics of such layout are unwelcoming and disturbing.

  • Dining room in the center

Imagine entering a home and you’re greeted by a dining table and chairs right on the face. To enter the kitchen, you would need to move right in between the bedrooms and family room since all are connected to the multiple entrances. Layout here is faulty since there isn’t any straight path or easy access.

  • Adjacent bedrooms

Doesn’t matter if yours neighborhood is flourishing as long as all the bedrooms are conjoined giving the feel of one. Real estate ads would probably represent such setups as two and three bedroom apartments but in real, the adjoined and ‘zero privacy’ factors don’t agree with the design.


Flawed designs and layouts aside, find a three bedroom apartment in Sharjah and expect perfectness complementing to a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle.

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