Importance of Water for Feeding Muscle and What to Avoid For Muscle building

Water is the most important ingredient for your body, no matter you are up to muscle building, weight gain or loss, or any other daily routine function. Some may disagree however as we define it as an essential nutrient which provides specific biological functions of your body, and in absence of it causing death or illnesses. So we can define water as the most essential nutrient for our bodies. It is critical for your daily intake. Try to consume at least a gallon of purified or natural spring water each day. It is needed for proper hydration as well it is the main solvent of body which help in flushing the toxins your of your body’s system. No need to say if you are training really hard, you lose water because of sweating and you require to replace all these fluids. So drink water before, after and during training sessions.

Avoid All of these Activities

Stay away from all types of processed sugary foods because they will have a detrimental impact on your muscle building and strength training and will only serve to steal all the valuable nutrients from your body.

Avoid protein bars, protein powders and supplements. Usually supplements like protein shakes, drinks and bars are jam packed with sugar as well as empty calories. A popular protein bar available on the market which calls itself as a meal replacement has more than 400 calories, is loaded with isolates as well as 32 g or sugar, which is a big trade off to get convenient 30 g of proteins offered by such bar. Avoid them as much as possible. Just an exception which I advocate as protein supplement i.e. BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids that can help with your muscle recovery process. BCAAs are available in tablet or powder form at local health food stores.

Sleep and Rest

Most if not all the muscle building trainers underestimate the importance of rest and mistakenly believe that muscles are only built inside the gym. As a matter of fact, during resistance training the opposite happens. In the gym you only tear down your muscle fibers and cause micro tears in your muscle tissues. Do not worry, this is just what we want to occur when we do resistance training. Your body will respond to such stimuli from the training practices by taking all those torn down fibers your muscles and repair them to grow bigger, harder and stronger. However the only way and time when your body can meet all these conditions in which muscle fibers get repaired, grow stronger and bigger is during the time you sleep. Every body’s sleep needs are different. The way is to find out the amount of sleep you want and then be committed to that routine. If you require 8 to 10 hours of night time sleep, then adjusts your routine to achieve that 8 to 10 hours of sleep. The best way to determine if you are getting enough of sleep is to check if you are awaking energetic or refreshed without an alarm of your clock. If you need a type of external stimuli to get out of bed then you are actually sleep deprived and this means that your body’s internal clock is still undone. And this includes the healing of torn down muscles tissues. No need to say, you will not be able to make any progress after gym if you are unable to get sufficient sleep or rest.

Putting rest and nutrition together into your training regimen you will see amazing results in your muscle building practices and your overall health as well.

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