What You Eat Matters: Avoid These 8 Foods That Cause Inflammation

Body inflammation is linked to the onset of many diseases and conditions. Many people are confused about the subject of inflammation. It is beneficial to understand what this condition means when it comes to maintaining health.

The type of body inflammation that is known to cause certain types of diseases centers on the cellular structure of the body. It is similar to experiencing something like inflamed joints but is more related to abnormalities in microscopic areas. There is incredible scientific and medical evidence that suggests many of the most common human diseases and conditions are brought about when cellular bodies become inflamed. This means that the cell’s normal environmental conditions are disrupted, and this leads to a breakdown of immune functions.


Many modern causes of body inflammation start because of improper diets. Certain foods can cause inflammation even though they are popular. If you have adopted a holistic approach to health care, you will want to be aware of how your eating habits affect your health efforts. Many common foods can lead to inflammation in the body. Here are a few foods that are probably part of your diet, but could explain why you are experiencing certain health problems.

Refined Sugars

When a person enjoys candies, cakes, and chocolate treats, they subject their bodies to immense amounts of digestive processing difficulty. Every food that enters the digestive system is converted into useful materials for body function. Refined sugars have the incredible ability to force the body to produce massive amounts of blood glycogens and uric acid. Sugary foods flood the body with these compounds and feed things like viruses, cancers, and other foreign bodies. A person who consumes sugary foods is always producing internal substances that counter the work of helpful immune actions.

Artificial Trans Fats

These dietary fats accompany foods that have a high concentration of preservatives. In order to make certain foods look attractive, manufactures with combine hydrogen to packing oils. These oils are tasty, but they have a uniquely negative effect in the body. When trans fats infused with hydrogen interact with the digestive system, they produce C-reactive proteins. These proteins stress normal cell functions, and they cause high degrees of inflammation.

The Less-Necessary Omegas

Most people have heard about the benefits of Omega acids. They assist with almost every function in the body. Omega-6 acids, however, can create cellular inflammation if they are consumed in excess. This is especially problematic for people who live vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. Omega-6 acids are found in seeds, nuts, and plant hearts. Though they provide a high level of plant protein, they can also cause the body to experience inflammation. Omega-6 acids should be accompanied by Omega-3 acids to minimize inflammation factors.


Alcoholic Drinks

While it is proven that things like wine provide the body with incredibly powerful antioxidants, people who drink daily should be aware of how alcohol works to increase body inflammation. Heavy drinking causes changes in the digestive system. Alcohol can cause the intestines to release substances back into the body during digestion. This includes many forms of bacteria that would normally be flushed when alcohol is not present. This bacteria can affect numerous organ and cellular systems. The resulting inflammation leaves these systems susceptible to disease and infection.

MSG Traps

One of the most powerful and common additives that increases food flavor is MSG. Mono-sodium glutamate is not normally added by chefs and cooks, but it is part of the ingredients they work with. MSG is very common in ethnic and specialty foods. It works to make certain foods taste extraordinary, but will immediately affect the liver. The liver is an organ that has a powerful influence on the body when it comes to things like allergies and immune responses. MSG can trigger the liver to create inflammation in the body that results in radical metabolic changes.

Gluten Exposure

Gluten is a substance that is found in almost every type of grain. Most people can process this substance easily, but others are highly sensitive to its inclusion in foods. Gluten sensitivity causes the small intestine to produce waste materials that flood the body. These waste materials can aggravate arthritis symptoms, or cause other body areas to become inflamed. Gluten inflammation is unique because it will systematically target muscles, nerves, brain function, and digestion. There are studies to learn more about the link between gluten intolerance and certain emotional and behavioral conditions.

Diet Food Danger

An extremely common additive to diet foods is aspartame. This chemical has no nutritional value but is very useful in making certain foods taste good. When aspartame enters the body, the digestive system recognizes it as an unwanted foreign substance. Immune responses are set into action, and degrees of inflammation will occur. It is very hard to find diet foods that do not contain at least a small portion of aspartame. People who want to avoid any type of body inflammation should look for any inclusion of aspartame in their favorite diet foods.

Nitrites in Deli Meats

A healthy diet should include sources of meat proteins. Buying meat over the deli counter, however, could cause body inflammation to worsen. The problem is nitrites. These colorants and flavor-enhancers are regularly added in the deli meat processing system. They give the meat uniform color and help them to last longer. Like MSG, aspartame, and trans fats, nitrites will cause an immune reaction in the body leading to inflammation. If you want to include meat protein sources in your diet, stick to direct beef, chicken, and fish sources.

Modern health sciences are continually uncovering links between common diseases and body inflammation. Inflammation happens when the body senses that something has entered the bloodstream that is counterproductive to health. Unfortunately, many modern foods are full of things that can cause the body to react negatively. In order to minimize the possibility of inflammation, choose foods that have gone through minimal amounts of processing. Avoid foods with overly complicated ingredient labels, and listen to your body. Avoid the pitfalls of most modern diets by eating what is natural, and consuming foods that go through the least amount of processing and packing stages.

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