The Best Autism Apps Of The Year

So, Here I will Collect Some name of Good Apps For Autism with the help of their user reviews, quality, and reliability of it.

According to the Center For The Disease And Control Prevention(CDC) In 68 people, 1 is affected by autism. And the symptoms of it is, they don’t communicate properly, lack of interest in making a friend, difficulties with social interaction, repetitive behaviors, avoiding eyes contact and poor motor skill.

In This era where Technology is high-tech, this app not only helps Parents and their caregiver but it also helps social education teachers, speech-language pathologist, and of course applied behavior analysts.

According to Canadian Study, These apps are too much helpful for them who are suffering from autism.

The Smartphone apps are designed for Autistic Children’s help with children’s expression and engage with others. And Study showed the apps also boosted the children’s ability to interact socially.

Now I will be going to discuss some best app for autism which helps a person who is suffering from it and also parents, pathologist and who work with autistic children’s.

Apps For Autism:-

  1. Autism Therapy For MITA:-

MITA stands for Mental Imagery Therapy For Autism and it is developed by three Ivy League researchers. Rating on play store for both Android and iPhone is 5 and it is the free app on play store

Its include unlimited language and cognitive exercise good for the year of therapy. And uses puzzles to improve childhood development and it helps them try to interact with other people.

It is designed so simply and attractive and one of the reliable app to use that why it is top of the list of the best app for autism.

  1. Sesame Street And Autism:-

Everybody knows about Sesame street but did you know about the app of the television show. This app features some of your favorite “Sesame Street” characters.

This app includes guides to simplify activities and overcome common challenges such as washing hands, brushing teeth, going to the supermarket and bedtime routine.

  • This app is available on iTunes.
  • It also offers interactive family routine cards and supports everyday activities.
  • Digital and printed storybooks.We are amazing 1,2,3! By Elmo, Abby, and Julia.
  • Tips for parents and activities for siblings.

And many activities they include in their app which helps for autistic children’s. And this app is free on iTunes.

  1. Sensory Baby Toddler Learning:-

This app is not certainly designed for autistic children but yes it definitely useful for parents who raised the children with autism.

It has some features:-

  • This app gives you choice to choose between the background and multiple effects that put your children in an underwater adventure.
  • Control where the fish swim to, includes multi-touch support.
  • Gyro Support means if you rotate your phone then game worlds rotates with it.

So this app has many features and it is free in the play store.

  1. Autism Read And Write:-

This app helps the children who suffer from ASD to learn the basics of reading and writing.

And it is a free version of Android.

The reading and writing lessons have the different level of complexity if you want to change this level then go to the setting.

Designed for the school-aged children, the app allows parents to customize difficulties levels and jump from lesson to lesson.

  1. LetMe Talk:-

This app is specially designed for the children and adult on the autism spectrum are completely nonverbal. It utilizes augmentative and alternative communication.

It enables you to line up an image in the meaningful way to read this row of an image as the sentence. To line up image is known as Augmentative And Alternative Communication(AAC).


  • More than 9000 images ARASAAC includes.
  • Voice Support for the image and sentence.
  • Supported Language is English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and many more.
  • Voice support for most languages.

So, it is the good app for them who are suffering from nonverbal communication. And it has many features but I was discussed some of them.

It is the free version and available on both Android and iOS so you can download and watch the features of it.

  1. Autism Parenting Magazine:-

Having Child with Autism is one of the biggest challenges for the parents. Sometimes parents don’t know about the autism so this app is like Magazine because it contains all information about autism.

This app is free on both Android and iOS but it takes to charge of the subscription.

They feature expert advice, tips, news, search and personal stories from other families living with autism.

So, these all are Top five best app for autism and now I will give you some name who is also list in the best app.

  • Kinder Tangram: Build a House
  • iPrompts
  • Proloquo2Go – Symbol-based AAC
  • Birdhouse – for Autism
  • Endless Reader
  • Touch And learn- Emotions

And many apps which are helpful for learning, interacting and making friends for the person who suffers from autism.

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