Walk Your Talk: 5 Hints on How To Get The Best Hiking Shoe Forward

Summer is the best time to go on hiking. You have all the clear skies, the extended daylight and of course the snuggly warm weather. Most people look up to this season as we’re looking forward to enjoying the quality time that we can spend together with the people that’s important to us.

While a lot of people loves to go on different kinds of activities to enjoy their summer vacation, Statista stated that for the past 12 months 47.2 million people went hiking or backpacking in the United States.

Granting the excellent weather and the number of people who love to take hiking as a summer activity, it is still important to prepare the right hiking outfit and the right hiking boots to maintain your stability as you go on a long trailing.

Analyze the Style

The same with sneakers, most hiking boots are also made of specific styles and designs for trekking. Few of which are for long hikes through deep mountains and few were for just short distance walking.

●       Light Hiking Shoes. Known as a reliable running shoes, this kind of shoe is made up of light-weight and ultra-thin materials. Although some prefer to use this type of shoe as they go along with their hiking, it is only best for short distance hiking or running.

●       Mountaineering Boots. These types of boots were fabricated for mountain climbing. With its durability and extreme-weather adaptability, they are mostly worn out by mountain troopers, snow-plow drivers, cable car operators and the like.

These kinds of boots are also used by people who love to go on trailblazing, snow skiing, and volunteers who are in rescue paramedics.

●       Backpacking Boots. With its breathability and durability, backpacking boots are created for extended trips, heavy loads and rugged terrain. These are best for a multi-day trek and long hiking. You may find a lot of backpacking boots anywhere, and Aussie Disposals may be one of those.

Be Curious on the Materials

Always give importance to the materials used when it comes to choosing the right hiking shoes. The wrong choice of fabric might make you uncomfortable and uneasy.  Some boots are made synthetically, meaning they are made of nylon and polyester.

In addition to that, some hiking shoes are split-grain leather materials. These are half-leather and half- synthetic shoes.

Lastly, most mountaineering boots are with full-grain leather. Though it’s composed of a durable material, most of these shoes are very heavy and less breathable.

Find Your Cut

In most cases, it always depends on your taste as to what type of cut you wanted to wear for a mountaineering shoe.  Low-cuts, mid-cuts, and high-cuts are all available depending on what are you most comfortable.

Check your Size

Of course, you won’t bother to buy something you want to wear that doesn’t fit you at all.  Same with your hiking shoes, always find the accurate and the best size that suits you. The best size should snug the ball of your foot while your heel stays in place.

Do a Test

Once you get your hiking shoes ready, don’t go on a trail or trekking right away. Wear and test them for you to be sure that you got the best mountaineering shoes for you.


While it’s a reality that everyone has its style, there are still few people who remain in their closet. After all, whatever shoes you wanted to wear for your hiking to enjoy your summer vacation, the memories it will bring will still be the best part.

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