5 Reasons Of The Boom In Mobile Games

The gaming industry can clearly be divided into two different types as far as last 10 years are considered, console gaming and mobile gaming.

The former included playing games on consoles and PC. While the latter originally was just games developmentfor standard mobile phones before the advent of smartphones, however, after the smartphone evolution, the mbile games developmentindustry has gotten so big that it is competing with console games in term of total revenue generated.

Boom Mobile Games


The effects and popularity of mobile gaming are so drastic that they are now influencing the console games development. Mobile game developers were smart when they concentrated on enhancing the user experience with the help of many features available only on touch screen devices, instead of trying to replicate the console gaming experience.

In this article we will discuss the reasons due to which mobile games development has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.

1 – Ease of Use

According to a study, 80% of adults in the US have their phones near them 22 hours a day. These numbers would be similar for other developed and developing countries according to their population’s purchasing power. The portability of mobile phones and tablets is another reason they are so easy to use. Compared to gaming consoles, which require a complex installation procedure and also a specific place to play. Mobile gaming can be done anywhere and by anyone, even kids.

2 – Mobile Friendly Playability

On top of exploring games and gameplay for mobile devices that isn’t prevalent in console gaming, mobile game developers are creating games which don’t require as much time and effort to complete one successful level or interval. There are more breaks and shorter sessions of gameplay are easily manageable as opposed to console gaming which requires the user to spend multiple hours.

Most mobile games can be played on the go while you are in a waiting room or even in a queue. These games are ideal for non-serious gamers.

3 – Price

Majority of the popular mobile game apps are free, the ones that do need to be purchased are generally less than a dollar. So they are much more affordable for an average person with standard income, plus the risk factor is minimal if you don’t like the game, you had only spent a dollar.

Compare that to console games which are definitely of a much higher quality and complexity but consequently cost more, simultaneously decreasing the affordability and increasing the risk associated with buying it.

4 – Traction

A simple reason and a no brainer, there are just so many more smartphones and tablets/iPads that there is no comparison with the number of total number of gaming equipment purchased every year. Smartphones have now become a necessity from a luxury while the specialized gaming consoles are still considered a luxury. No wonder mobile gaming is getting more popular than ever.

5 – Simple but Creative Games

The nature of mobile phone is such that it has become a multi-purpose device and so it doesn’texist solely for games. You can argue that iPads may be bought to just play games but that’s not the point, there are more phones than tablets. You can use it to play games too but that’s not the main purpose of a phone.

This compels game developers to come up with games that are generally simple yet creative so that they get popular, no one likes a bland and unimaginative game. This means that those who aren’t very good at playing computer games can enjoy a stimulating gaming experience.

Simply put, mobile games, whether on phones or other devices, are only going to get more popular because they are simple, effective and available to everyone ultimately booming games development opportunities.

Boom In Mobile Games

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