Right Eating To Build Muscle Mass And Stay Lean

Work Out is Just Half The Battle

Most beginner strength trainers think they are building muscles while training. Although they are just pumping blood to muscles that temporarily makes it look larger. Actually your only tearing muscles fibers down. Repair, growth and harder stronger muscles tissue happen when you achieve 2 condition;

  1. Feeding required nutrients to your body
  2. Rest

No doubt, both can be achieved outside the gym.

Eating for The Muscle Mass

It isn’t expensive or difficult but needs some planning. You need 3 macronutrients; Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates.

Important of Protein For Muscle Growth

Best protein sources are animals like poultry, red meat, dairy and eggs. Plants also provide proteins but 8 amino acids are in lower levels in few plants therefore plants protein sources must be taken in combination to ensure satisfactory supply of essential amino acids.

When to Take Protein

Most expert suggest to decrease your protein and caloric intake on rest days. However this is a mistake because muscles take 48 hours to recover from resistance training. It is necessary to take as much as muscle building calories and proteins on rest days to ensure maximum muscle recovery and development because our body is in most beneficial condition regarding previous day’s training and recovery.

Enough Quantity of Protein

Try to take 1 gram per pound of your bodyweight every day. For instance 150 grams of protein for 150 pound body. Don’t worry for going over that, because little extra protein will not harm if you are really training harder.

Space your Meals

Instead traditional 3 meals per day, split it into 5 to 6 meals with some protein in each. As body can only use 30 to 35 g of protein every 3 hours, so avoid larger protein meals.

Quality of Protein is Also Important

Take protein from healthy sources like;

  1. Antibiotic and chemical free red meat from grass fed animals
  2. Organic whole eggs
  3. Organic dairy from grass fed animals.

While taking eggs, do not be fooled to leave the yolks, eat whole egg because yolk contain important minerals and vitamins like A,D and E as well as cholesterol which naturally increase testosterone levels crucial for strength and muscle building. Eggs didn’t raise blood cholesterol. To keep blood cholesterol under control avoid smoking and chemical loaded, processed food.

Does Meatless Diet Help For Muscle Building?

When you are vegan, don’t worry because there are various plant sources of proteins like lentils, beans, legumes and flourless bread prepared from millet, lentils and sprouts.

Remember plants proteins are also complete, however some have such a low levels of one or more essential amino acids they you must go for combination.

Don’t consume soy proteins because it is worthless as muscle building food and it only deliver nutrients that are overrated with respect to muscle building.


Healthy fats like omega 3 oils aids heart health and healthy joints maintenance. Olive oil, nuts (oils and butter) chia seeds and flax are also good sources of healthy fats.


Carbohydrates fill your muscles with glycogen i.e. energy store in glucose form, to gives it a fine full look and help muscle contraction during workout. Contrary to today’s popular culture, carbs aren’t bad for you. They are must nutrient. Trick is to take right types of carbohydrates at right time of the day. Keep your carbohydrates levels low whole day i.e. 50 g and at night take some healthy medium to high glycemic carbohydrates like dates, bananas or any other carbohydrates rich fruits to ensure energy required for training sessions.

Good sources of carbs include:

  • Grains and fruits
  • Vegetables like beets, carrots, parsley and kale
  • Sprouts, millet and legumes

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