Build Muscles – A Key to Stay Lean

Fitness goals are different, some want to have a slimmer look while others like to pack as much muscle on as their genetic tendency for muscle gain. However one thing is common, i.e. no one in this gain likes to have flabby body.  Whether you are shooting for slimmer or beefcake, sinewy toned look, everybody love to look fit. Still we can see people at gym doing same mistakes over and over again…. Spending hours and hours doing never-ending crunches or running on treadmill in hope to get lean and lose body fat.

Why Endless Cardio Doesn’t Work?

Many fitness enthusiast, hoping to get lean believe that by doing many cardio or aerobic session, will help them to burn fat from their body. Unfortunately, human bodies just don’t work in that manner. When you try to lose extra fat with countless of hours of cardio, possible you will go from big flabby to soft flabby body. This means you lose weight, however not get toned, fit or hard look you like, because when you overdo any kind of cardio for more than an hour, your body stops fat burning process and shifts to burn your muscle mass. This is actually body’s protection system to preserve its necessary fat particularly for a body on low calorie diet. As a result, body’s metabolism slows down and you lose some of the weight. However this weight is not that you want to lose and consequently you get a softer look without any toned muscles.

So what’s The Solution?
Beside your nutritional routine, there are 2 methods to lose fat which will give you hard, toned look

  • Shot and Intense Interval Cardio Training
  • Strength Training

Secret for Muscle Burns Fat

You need type of resistance training because building muscles burn fats in 2 ways;

  1. Muscles are 90 percent metabolic, which means muscle mass maintenance utilize up 90 percent of body’s calories. It’s very simple, the more muscles you have, more fat you will burn in outside of gym.
  2. Building muscles will enhance your cardio workout because you don’t need to perform endless aerobic for losing fat. Rather, you must do short intense intervals of cardio that will compliment your strength training that leads to sending your metabolism on the track. With good nutrition, you can constantly burn fat throughout the day.

A Good Starting Strength Training Routine

For those new to strength training or other workouts, it is important to first see your health expert for an overall physical analysis. Have your lungs and heart checked as well as get blood work done. If doctor gives you clean shit of your health and green signal to begin rigorous strength training, you are free to start this excellent beginners routing for 3 days a week;

  • Bench Press 3 sets x 15 reps
  • Shoulder press 3 sets x 15 reps
  • Leg press 3 sets x 15 reps

As you achieve to build strength in quadriceps, start doing squats that will build overall body strength along with your legs. Only use weight which will make you easily work and don’t struggle for those 15 reps.

Here is Where Cardio Exercise Comes in

After each session, try some intense cardio for not more than five minutes on treadmill. Intense here means running not jogging. When you condition more through strength training, slightly increase your cardio intensity each time you get stronger. With this short intense cardio interval you will compliment your weight resistance regimen building endurance as well as keep your circulatory system and heart in good shape.

As you progress strength training, you find workouts which work best to allow you begin splitting body parts into different days. When you don’t want bulk appearance just decrease weight however keep intensity high.

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