Difference Between Commercial and Residential Plumbing Services

Plumbing services are required not only for residential but for commercial purposes also. Opting for specific services as per the requirement is essential as there are huge differences in the commercial and the residential plumbing. This ‘right’ plumbing service opted for can offer a whole lot of benefits. Before we list out the benefits let us go through the differences in these plumbing services.

Commercial and Residential Plumbing:

Fixtures and Pipes:

Systems of the commercial outlets tend to support more people as compared to the residential plumbing systems. That means, there are a number of fixtures and pipes which are not in the residential plumbing. Talking about hospitals, these require a different set of fixtures as they need to support not only the hospital staff but the patients too. The same applies to any commercial set up, be it a theater or a mall. The durability, sizing and the grading of commercial plumbing fixtures differs in accordance to the set up.


Most commercial outlets are generally located in busy streets with a number of commercial outlets. That makes all the difference to the plumbing system and fixtures here.

Laws for Health Care:

There are specific laws pertaining to different businesses. There is an extreme requirement of cleanliness. The hygiene of the plumbing in these set ups is more stringent as compared to the laws for the residential complexes. The plumbing company chosen for a commercial set up needs to have the required knowledge of these different laws and needs to comply by them.

Reasons for Choosing Commercial Plumbing Services:

Hiring specific commercial plumbing services has its own set of benefits. Most of these companies are well-reputed and experienced in handling different problems related to commercial plumbing.

  1. Routine work: Opting for a commercial plumber can solve the problem with the plumbing as per the requirement. Besides this, they also offer routine maintenance of the plumbing systems, which is an added benefit. You can focus totally on the business without getting hassled with such problems of plumbing.
  2. Skilled professionals: Commercial plumbers are specifically skilled and trained to handle the different problems in commercial set ups. They do not waste your time in trying to diagnose the problem and then fix it. On the contrary, these problems might not be easy for a residential plumber. They tend to follow the trial and error basis which can lead to wasting of time and money.
  3. Required tools: Commercial plumbing problems need to be sorted out only by using the specific tools. These are available with the commercial plumbers. There is no requirement of either purchasing the tools or even hiring these.
  4. Insurance Plumbers: Commercial plumbers are insured. This means you are not required to spend in case of any accidents when the work is on.
  5. Required Professionals: A company offering commercial plumbing services has trained professionals for the different problems with plumbing. You have a professional dealing in sewer and drain blockages while another professional is chosen for leakages or other problems with the water supply.

Before making a choice of any commercial plumber it is essential that you determine his reputation. This can make all the difference to the quality of work and the quality of product offered.

Commercial Plumber

Conducting an online search can work convenient as this can save on time and labor required to find that apt commercial plumber. With this search you have the freedom to compare the different services rendered by them. It is important to go through the different reviews and ratings to get a clear picture of the concerned plumbing company. You can also compare the prices to ensure that you are offered the best deal available for these services.

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