How to Destroy Your Friends Next Time You Play Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games in the world and continues to be one of the most popular. People love the combination of skill and luck that it takes to excel at the game. At the same time, it’s also something that can be picked up relatively quickly by new players. So if you are about to play backgammon for the first time or looking for some exciting new strategies, then check out some of our expert tips.

1) Simple and Effective: The Running Game

This is the perfect backgammon strategy for beginners and casual players who are looking to win as swiftly as possible. In this strategy, the goal is to run your checkers as quickly as possible to your home board. However, it can get tricky if both players are using this strategy because then everything comes down to the roles.

Whoever rolls stronger will win the game. Do note this strategy usually only works well on beginners. Intermediate and advanced players will recognize it and take a different approach.

2) The Full Attack

Aggressive people who play backgammon love the blitz strategy. Instead of running for home or building points, this strategy involves attacking your opponent’s pieces whenever you can send them back to the bar. Not only will this set your opponent back quite a bit, but you might also be able to trap some of their checkers if he or she is not able to roll the right numbers to get the piece back on the board. Just be sure you don’t leave your attacking checker vulnerable so you don’t lose pips.

3) Connect Across the Board

This strategy gets a little more complex. What you are trying to do is create a “prime” or connect your points across the board. This is the foundation of expert level backgammon playing. To do this, you form a wall so your opponent can’t get past you. The wall then makes your opponent’s pieces an easy target to get safe points. When combined with a blitz you can make this a nearly sure-fire win because it creates situations where your opponent’s dice rolls are often wasted.

4) Patience and Defense

In some cases, the best offense is a good defense. In this case, you create an anchor point using your farthest pieces in your opponent’s home board. This creates a defensive safe place to land in case your opponent sends your checker to the bar. In effect, preventing an automatic defeat. With this strategy, you also have a strong “castle” that prevents advancing checkers from going to your side.

5) Back Game

If you really want to play backgammon, then the back game is the way to go. This goes even farther on the last strategy. It’s also used in a situation where you might need to recover from a losing position. By using the holding strategy in the opponent’s territory, you base your strategy on the two checkers on your opponent’s part of the board. Then you launch your attack from here. What you are doing is then blocking valuable parts of your opponent’s home territory.

The Best Strategies to Play Backgammon

There are so many different ways to play backgammon. These strategies are a lot like recipes. They are a great place to begin from, but if you really want to win then you need to put your own unique touch on them. With that, you’ll be unstoppable! And if you want to play in style, be sure to check out our luxury backgammon sets!

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