5 Things You Should Know Before You Go On Dubai City Tour

Heading to a vacation might just seem like no big deal. After all we are going one a vacation. Yet many places in the world which have their rules and regulations to be follow even if you just go there for your holidays. If you are a dedicated person about seeing a place even if there is a guide book along, to follow, than Dubai is the destination you have been looking for. The few thing you need to know about going do Dubai should always be in your mind so that you don’t get in trouble.

What To Wear?

Dubai being the city of a Muslim state does not allow its own women to wear anything that shows their body off. Being a part of their city even if just for a vacation should not be about making yourself an international statement in the crowd. When heading towards the malls, restaurants and even for fun activities, do cover your shoulders and not wear anything that reveals your cleavage, neck or legs. Once you enter the premises of the hotel, you can get easy.

Drinking Rules

Drinking is not allowed in Islam and Dubai, being an Islamic state it does not allow drinking. The guests who come from worldwide are facilitated with bars at the hotels but not in the restaurants or cafes. Yet, the hotel can have the bars for the people to use. However, that state laws only allows you a few drinks, enough not to make you appear drunk.

Avoiding Ramadan Holidays

The holy month of Ramadan is when the Muslims are fasting the entire month. The people who are outside need to be extremely careful about not to eat or drink anything in public. The smokers are not even allowed to smoke in the public. It is nearly prohibited. So Ramadan might not be the right month for you to head to Dubai if the hoteling experience was what you were looking for.


Young love might be the most beautiful thing on the world. The newlyweds hold each other’s hands, exchange kisses in public. Once you are in the Arab premises you are allowed to get physical in public whether it is just a kiss or a hug. It is considered wrong to be done in public. The authorities might get o you.

Plan The Adventure

Once you have planned to go for the vacation. Don’t just have their blank about where to go and what to do. Start your research a month before. This will help you shortlist what activities you want to be a part of once you get there. It helps you decides the budget you need to have for the holidays. This can also help you plan the budget, as you can enjoy according to the budget you have. The rules here are not very hard to follow, make sure that you know all these things, as this will enhance your Dubai city tour.

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