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Few Tips on Samsung Note 8 Display

Samsung Note 8 comes with 6.3 inches Quad HD display and it support Mobile HDR. It is stunning, still also loaded with many features that you must know about. Here is an insider guide about Samsung Note 8 screen.

Turning Always On Display

In order to lock screen showing “Always On”, go to settings> lock screen & security >Always On Display> switch it on. By this you will always see the screen in standby mode.

Customize Always On Display

You will have loads of options with Always on Display. Just Tap on it from menu and you will see various clock options. It shows according to schedule by default, however this can be toggled “show always” if you need it always showing.

Adding music control to Always On Displays

You can also add music controls on Always display. This is known as Facewidget and you will see it mobile settings>lock screen & security> information & facewidget. Just Toggle to show when it’s off.

Show home button only on Lock screen

When you do not need Always On Display, however you need it on home button, it’s for you. You will need to turn Always on Display On, however then content to show segment, you can choose “home button only”. This removes clock and all other things, only leave this square home logo.

Enabling Night Mode/Blue light Filter
This is meant for reducing eye pressure because of low light, blue light filter can make display warm, i.e. more yellow by cutting blue light out, therefore it is easier on strained eyes. Go to display> blue lights filter> and change its intensity and then set routine. This option is available in quick settings also.

Get more on Screen

Beside changing app grid, changing zoom of screen is also possible. Go to display>screens zoom & fonts and choose large or small. Choose small for getting more and more content on the screen.

Enabling Full Screen App:

When your app is not full screen, head into the settings> then display> full screen app and pick all those app that you like to force into aspect ratio of 18.5:9. For various people it is fine, however you can lose some of the information in corners.

Changing Display resolution

You may wonder why to do this, however, it is for saving battery time. Note 8 Dubai can give you 2960 by 1440 pixels, however you can also slide this down to 2220 by 1080 for saving your battery time.

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