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Trivia about the Pixel Gun 3D

Players will never take the explosive self-damage in the Arena mode, making Ruby Helmet as well as other self-damages reducing accessories completely useless.

Your weapons will not have any limit to the amount of the ammunition that you can have in reserve while you are playing in Arena mode. At some point, there wasn’t any limit.

In the wave 5 Arena, most if not all monsters will turn to FNAF themed equivalent. However, this will only occur on 5th wave and not on all the waves.

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But, when you select a map known as Scary Pizzeria Arena, all the monster are FNAF themed.

A bug was there where when you jump enough at correct angle, you can be able to escape your map. But this bug was fixed in 9.2.0 version.

After the update of 8.0.0, players can earn much fewer coins, as player will never get accumulative coins after reaching 10,000 points. This is unknown when this newer system can change with more update.

With 10.0.0 update, the mode name was changed to Arena from Survival. Also, ranged enemies can also spawn with this update.

Exp icon rewards complies with amount of rounds player is gone through. This also contains the score to be above 10,000 to 50,000.

There was another version of game which would reward player with another coin that begin with 11th wave and you would have gotten 2 coins in the end. This means that for every 100 rounds it can increase by a coin. In another update, players would just get a coin for every 10 waves.

Prior to this, the wave 5 monsters and later does not change. Not long ago, monster in 8th wave as well as after does not change. As per now monsters yet does not change after certain waves. Before this, you cannot find any 5 seconds countdown for next wave. After 12.0.0 update, it turned to mini-game.

Whenever a wave begins, at least 1 Pick-up item can appear on floor. After 12.0.0 update you can no longer bring own gadgets, weapons, gear or pets with you. But, this was change to the default setting in update 12.2.0 and you were no longer restricted to your equipment.

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Any skilled player can find Arena to be one of the most effective mean to get ample of coins without paying the actual amount. But, as of the 8.0.0. Players can earn much fewer coins. Better is to get them from sites that are offering free Pixel Gun 3D Hack no survey.

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