List of Healthy Fats For Muscle Building

Selection of right sources of fat is daunting tasks, particularly when there are abundance of choices available including advices from lifestyle coaches and dietitians. This is an age where it is nearly impossible what healthy fats are and how to choose them for our table. Here is a list of Healthy fats sources;

Coconut fats

Coconuts are excellent healthy saturated fats source. It allow you to prepare few delicious meals. You can find coconut fats in different forms;

  • Coconut oil: 

  • Selecting unrefined coconut oil version that belongs to medium chain fatty acids can make a difference. You can use it in place of vegetable oils. With unique blend of fatty acids and nutrients, it has strong metabolism enhancing and fat burning qualities which are useful for both burning fat or building muscles.
  • Coconut aminos: These are excellent substitute for unhealthy regular soy sauce. Coconut aminos are extracted from sap of coconut tree, and has salty taste. They not only lower sodium levels as compared to regular soy sauce, they also contain 17 or more different non-essential and essential amino acids, that work as building blocks of proteins.
  • It is the best alternative to half & half which you put in your coffee. It can also be used in place of yogurt as well as other cream recipes. Despite rich in Vitamins like B1,B3,B5,B6,C and E as well as minerals like sodium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, magnesium, it is also free from lactose that makes coconut milk a perfect alternative for lactose intolerance sufferers. If you choose coconut milk, be careful to sue guar gum as stabilizer. Avoid any other form that is served in cartons form and has no stabilizer in it. Instead prefer that comes in cans.

Olives and Avocados

Avocados and olives both have monounsaturated fats that lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce risk of heart diseases. Nutrients in monounsaturated fats contribute Vitamin E and many other antioxidants which develop as well as maintain body’s cells. Use avocado or olive oil as salads dressings, or even use them in physical form for the purpose of healthy snacking.

Don’t go for cooking with these oils, because they have lower smoke point that means when you add heat, they go rancid quite quickly. Eating rancid oil means, you run risk of turning healthy oil into unhealthy one, which can cause inflammation in body.

Animal Fats

Animal Fats is another choice for cooking, however only use ones that comes from grass fed, organic pastured animals. When you have access to good source like tallow, lard and ghee would be delicious and healthful to choose from. Animal fats are full of Vitamin A and D and help converting carotene into vitamin A or for better absorption of minerals. Animal fats also serves as essential building blocks of various hormones as well as cell membranes.

Nuts, Nuts Oils And Nuts Butter

Moderate use of nuts and nuts butters serves as healthy addition to meals, snacks and desserts. Nuts can be taken as raw, dried and in roasted form. They can be added in cooked foods for crunch, as well as you can enjoy them as snacks. Nut oils can add unexpected flavor to our salads and meals, however don’t use them for cooking as they become rancid and unstable on prolonged heat exposure.

If you like nut butters, be careful to examine nutrition facts and added sugar on the side. Funniest thing about nuts is that they seem to be small, however they are calorically dense as well you can eat lots of them without realizing. Remember “handful of nuts” is interesting as well as practical proverb.

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