Best Whole House Humidifiers – 2018 Reviews & Guide

The humidifier is ultrasonic

The most functional and stylish apparatus from humidifiers is the ultrasonic humidifier. This device is able not only to create a favorable climate in the room but also to decorate any interior, to become in the general design of the room a special highlight, giving the room a new unique charm and charm. In this section, you can select an air humidifier for the children’s room, office, warehouse and other premises. Below you can find out by what principle the ultrasonic humidifier is working, learn about its pluses and minuses.

In the modern world, the problem of air quality is truly global, because man’s self-reliance directly depends on the microclimate, on how comfortable the air we have to breathe. In the heating season, the problem is excessively over-dried air. Today for all sane and practical, for all those who care about their health and that of their loved ones, there is an excellent solution – ultrasonic air humidifiers!

This device is capable not only to improve the air of the home but to make it truly curative! Managing this high-tech device is extremely easy and convenient. It is controlled by means of a mechanical panel with a steeples power regulator that sets the optimum level of air humidification, which is monitored by an internal humidity sensor.

An ultrasonic air humidifier and how it works

The principle of operation of such a humidifier is to use a membrane that vibrates in the ultrasonic range and is installed inside the container. This device turns water into the smallest particles that are flown through the working chamber with a fan, generating a steam curtain, a kind of “fog” that creates the required humidity level in the room. At the moment when the humidity level has reached the preset level, the standby mode automatically turns on. Most devices are equipped with a function for detecting the humidity level, so if it (humidity) drops below a preset level, the device turns on automatically. The buzzer will notify the user when it is time to fill the tank with water. Install the humidifier on any horizontal surface, but if possible, an ultrasonic humidifier should be placed higher. To simplify the operation of the device, the filter element installed in most models, which purifies tap water, is available. The service life of the replacement cartridge depends on the quality of the water, but, as a rule, is three to four months.

The obvious advantages of an ultrasonic humidifier include: the function of a finely dispersed “breathing” water spray; the presence of a sensor that controls the level of humidity; water reservoir of impressive volume (up to 7 liters!); low noise and power consumption; replacement cartridge, high level of humidification performance; high-quality innovative materials, as well as modern, convenient and ergonomic design.

The downside is the possible appearance of a white coating in the room in case of using poor quality water. Therefore, our online store recommends pouring water into an ultrasonic humidifier that has been cleaned through a water purifier.

Air washing

Our online store is glad to present to your attention a humidifier-air cleaner that does not require constant replacement of filters of well – known manufacturers: Electrolux, Air oasis, Boneco, Aic, and Vento. Below you can learn more about the description of such a device as air washing and get basic information about the principles of its operation and additional accessories that come with it.

Yes, you did not seem to, it was air washing – the action is not fantastic, but quite real. Even, quite ordinary, since it can be carried out in every home, also easily and imperceptibly, such as cooking coffee without direct human participation, using an automatic coffee maker. To do this, you should not just buy an air humidifier, namely an air wash, the technical equipment of which allows not only to saturate the atmosphere with moisture but also to carry out the procedure for its wet cleaning. Remember, after a thunderstorm, breathing in the street becomes especially easy and pleasant, the air is wet, saturated with something, making the blood more fun to run through the veins and giving the heart the confidence that you are practically a god, and can right now, create something wonderful? This kind of air can fill your house or office, it is enough to connect the air sink to the network. Its internal mechanism, in which an ionizing silver rod is mounted, several plastic discs having a ribbed form, a fan and a water tank, immediately begin to properly perform the duties assigned to it. Literally, after a while, you will feel how the air in the room has become noticeably more pleasant for breathing.

So how did the person manage to tame such a terrible natural phenomenon and learn how to artificially create in the rooms the same pleasant air as after a noisy, lightning and thundering summer shower? Like all genius, the device of the humidifier with the effect of air washing is simple, and it does not have physical processes that are difficult to perceive by the human mind. The fan of the humidifier sucks in airflow and feeds it to rotating wet discs. In this case, before the air comes into contact with the water dust created by the discs, it manages to enrich itself with beneficial ions for the human body, through an ionizing silver rod, specially installed in the air sink. Getting into the clouds of spray, the air is saturated with water molecules. At the same time, the particles of dust, nap, pollen, accumulated moisture, become much heavier and settle on discs. Therefore, the air leaving the humidifier is clean, enriched with moisture and ions. The discs, in turn, when rotated, pass through the water in a pallet located at the bottom of the humidifier. There they get moisture, water in the pan, at the request of the owner of the device, can be flavored with special oils. To know more, you can also visit Whole House Humidifiers

Air washing is mobile; it can easily be moved from room to room. To ensure that it works properly, install the “washer”, it should be on a flat surface, which can become both a table and a cabinet. And that also important is air washing – this device combines the functions of the humidifier and the air purifier at the same time.

It is obvious that the dry air of the dwelling has a negative impact on the skin, especially when it comes to young children. Over-dried air reduces the protective functions of the skin and mucous membranes, for example, in the nasal cavity, which can lead to the development of serious diseases. That is why ultrasonic humidifiers, combining the latest developments in the field of moisturizing and the highest standards of quality – a real way to significantly reduce the influence of unfavorable factors and create a healthy microclimate in your home.

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