How Long Does It Take For Google To Index A New Website

When one launches a website, one wants everyone to see it. Not just, your friends and family members. One will be showcasing ones writing talents, selling ones products and services to the world with the best website design. However, all this will be of no use if people do not know even if your website existed or not. So how it should be done? These days when virtual world presence has become inevitable, one goal must be to get ones website to be shown on the Google which is considered to be the giant of online search engines around the globe. So what are the factors that play their role in answering the question that how long does it take for Google to index a new website. Continue reading to know the answer.

Google To Index A New Website

Indexing via crawling:

The most important thing to make your site is discoverable by Google is to ensure that Googlebot can access your website. Googlebot is also named as “Spider.” It is a web crawling bot of Google to crawl the web pages. It then adds the extracted information to the Google’s collection called Google index. Whenever someone types in a query via writing phrase or keywords in the search box, Google does not look for the websites but the web pages having relevant terms from the index.

Sitemap: So now we understand that first thing in getting your new site indexed is to make it discoverable by Google bot. It can be easily done by creating a sitemap. It is an XML document listing each and every page on your website. This document is then stored on the server of your website, so that it remains there where spiders can easily access then for any addition or updates. Also creating a sitemap may facilitate in speeding up the process of discovering your site by Google. This is because in this way Google will be notified directly about your presence.

Hyperlinks: Make it a habit to share your site URL online. Post it on Facebook, or Twitter or all the major sources of social networks. Moreover, feel free to interlinking your web pages or creating the links that may lead the visitors to several other websites. The more links you have, greater will be chances of Google picking it up.

High quality content: Make sure your content on the website is free of grammatical or spelling errors, and do not have any plagiarized material. At times poor quality content does not allow Google to index your website.

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