How to Build a Dating App that Will Pick the Users’ Hearts

Tinder, Raya, Hinge, eHarmony, Coffee Meets Bagel, Grindr, OkCupid, Ship, Tindog, Facebook Dating, Match… the list of great dating services looks endless.

Tinder, Raya, Hinge, eHarmony, Coffee Meets Bagel, Grindr, OkCupid, Ship, Tindog, Facebook Dating, Match… the list of great dating services looks endless. The question is how to stand out from such a crowd. How to win the users’ hearts and to help them find their better halves?

Our task today is to figure out how to differ and be the best, so let’s explore our means to an end.

To tell the truth, it doesn’t actually matter, whether you’re developing a completely new platform or upgrading an existing dating application, the key idea shall be to design a genuine one-of-a-kind solution, stuffing it with parameters people will love.

Below you can find certain aspects to devote particular time and attention to for creating a truly decent dating site.

The Design

Typically, it takes 4 key stages to make a fresh relationship-focused app. We shall review each of the processes separately.

#1. Researching

It’s the right time to perform utility tests since the results will tell us, whether a dating online resource will turn demanded and trending. Another point to take care of here is affinity mapping.

Utility tests are perfect to reveal vulnerabilities your program might have. The challenge is to provide answers to such questions, as:

  • Is the interface convenient for the audience to use it?
  • What about a Preference screen? Is it easy to find?
  • Are the page components properly designed and placed?
  • Is the overall UX/UI design clear or does it confuse the audience?

Don’t neglect those questions, in case you’re serious about building a successful dating app. When answered carefully, they shall give priceless details.

Regarding affinity mapping, the approach will process and analyze customers’ reviews and comments to pinpoint weaknesses, if any. When striving for developing an international top-rated dating program, find the time to manage this stage responsively.

#2. Synthesizing

The given phase is devoted to prioritizing demands, create personas, and manage the task flow.

By prioritizing demands we mean the process to determine dating service business values and compare them to users’ ones. Personas must be built to identify what issues your people will possibly run into. And, task flow serves for visualizing possible activities your audience is likely to undertake.

#3. Prototyping

You’ll need low, as well as high fidelity mockups. Those both are necessary and useful. For instance, low fidelity mockups serve to make navigation more simple and clear. Moreover, transparency shall also get improved. High fidelity mockups, in their turn, represent great tools to modify your platform’s overall settings. Additionally, the app parameters shall be upgraded as well.

#4. Validating

Validation tests are required to determine, whether the design of your online dating service is user-friendly and appealing. In specific cases, whenever there’s such a necessity, validation together with the previous stage might be carried out repeatedly.

The defined four steps of the designing procedures are to assess how customers would engage with a specific relationship-focused online resource. Usability test results should guide you on what aspects require improvements to develop a truly user-oriented and in-demand dating solution.

Place emphasis on one exceptional feature

Nowadays it’s imperative to create a dating site that would stick out from any other existing programs. The best strategy is to find the most significant parameter to get focused on, thus, you’ll build a unique online dating service to succeed.

There’s a chance to spoil everything if focusing on multiple great features in parallel since a platform might malfunction then. Every specific characteristic demands time and other valuable resources.

However, you shall not limit yourself and your human relationships application. After you fine-tune that one function and launch the service for users to enjoy, you could plan particular upgrades to stuff your dating platform with other impressive features. Just take one step at a time.

Security importance

Without saying, private data security is a must-have. Moreover, online dating and human relationships are very intimate and delicate. Men and women discuss personal issues, sharing their happy and sad moments. Such revelations have to be protected, and users want to feel comfortable to open up about their feelings.

As you know, there exist spoilers that could damage that cozy environment which is so important. We’re talking about assaulting language, diverse bots, abusive attitudes, and the like. Carefully think through the approaches to protect your audience and keep their communication safe.

No copying

Undoubtedly, when starting an online application, a great practice would be to review the experience of other startups. Find out as much as you can on those owners and their stories of success. Learn their challenges and solutions they managed to find.

Though, it’s not plagiarism we’re talking about since it’s illegal and you’ll face stalemate. When simply copying every step other developers made, you’ll never create a one-of-a-kind dating program you’re striving for.

The key to success is to seek your very own way: figure out your unique concept, and find the most appropriate way to implement it, ensuring the most favorable users’ experience. Your customers shall always come first. When your service solves their issues, it becomes truly user-friendly, thus, your audience will appreciate it.

Quality points

To win the users’ hearts your dating platform must also be technically proficient. It’s absolutely unacceptable to allow slow page downloading, crashing, page freezing, glitching, and more. Having such will guarantee negative feedback and terrible users’ experience. It’s the app owners’ responsibility to protect customers from that frustration.

Why not take another look at your site matching algorithm to verify the formula runs effectively?

Additionally, find robust verification technologies. Various social networks’ accounts are applicable for the purpose as well.

Another critical point is a team of developers you’re hiring to build your relationship-focused solution. Everything depends on their competence and experience. And, you shall always keep in mind that the most challenging part starts when a platform is already made and launched since 24/7 support and regular upgrades are mandatory to keep your app top-rated and successful.

Remember on the described points of the development process, while working on your startup. Such details are valuable to design and improve your dating application, keeping it modern, practical, advanced, convenient, demanded, useful, and wanted. Just help your audience enjoy your dating service.

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