The Importance of Healing

Healing is what has made us what we are today. If you were to bear all the wounds both physical and emotional without letting it heal, what you will see in the mirror is a disfigured self with an even more tattered heart and mind. Healing is what gives you the power to deal with injuries both physicaland emotional. But, the healing process necessarily need not be the same for all people and the time for healing too is not bound to be the same. Healing though is important. In case of a physical injury, we will be able to gauge the level of injury and the type and amount of healing that is required. Rest is the best healing strategy to deal with Physical injury. But, the emotional as well as mental injuries are hard to detect and will take a reasonably long period to heal and rest can only be a part of the healing strategy. It cannot be a wholesome strategy to deal with such injuries. Progress has to be made from Science to energy healing to ensure that they complement eachother to produce an unexplainable magical healing.

Energy Healing- what isit?

Energy healing is actually of different types. But, in general, it refers to a therapeutic touch.  Energy healing is supposed to tap energy into the field and works directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being unlike the western medicines that act only upon the physical aspects. That is why energy healing and progress from Science to energy healing can be considered as a holistic approach to deal with injuries and wounds.  Energy healing also plays a vital role in amplifying the effects of western medicines.

Facts about energy healing

  • Energy healing is nothing but a way of stimulating the body and mind that are capable of healing itself to heal itself by removing the blocks and activating the subtle energy systems.
  • Acupuncture, Reiki, and all other energy healing techniques rely heavily on the understanding the energy centers in the body and using the same internal energy to take care of the healing process. The energy healing techniques are directed only towards activating the energy centers.
  • Energy healing emphasizes vibrations and vibes and is based on synching these vibes or creating high-frequency vibrations and are based on scientific principles
  • Energy healing is for all and not meant only for those who are spiritually inclined.
  • Use of crystals with healing properties is also an energy healing technique.

Types of energy healing

There are a number of energy healing techniques. The most popular and most easily accessible healing techniques include

  • Reiki
  • Acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Accutouch
  • Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping

And others. Even massage can be considered as a good energy healing technique.

Why should you try energy healing?

Moving on from Science to energy healing or complementing western medicine with energy healing techniques will be worthwhile because

  • It helps you to release energy blockages– Everything in this universe has certain vibes. Humann beings are a bundle of vibrating energy. You might be stuck up with low energy vibrations for some reason or other and might not even realize it. Energy healers can be of help to pull out the stuck or stagnant energy to clear it and make you feel expansive and happy.
  • It makes deep relaxation possible- Though we often associate stress with headaches, you must understand that stress actually takes its toll on the entire body. EFT or tapping is a science to energy healing process that stimulates the physical acupressure points of the meridians and at the same time effectively communicates to the brain that it is safe to relax, which clears all stress and tension and effectively calms you down.
  • It helps your body and mind to heal itself– The energy healing techniques play a vital role and also a complementary role by the energy healers acting as conduits of the Universal Energy to ap life force into the client’s body. This energy would be good enough to trigger the healing system within you to function effectively.
  • It can help you to be relieved of negative beliefs, emotions and mental thought processes– Chittavrittis or monkey chatter in the brain are supposed to be the reason for negative and unexpressed emotions that can drain you of your energy. When this is not cleared by the use of simple techniques such as meditation it results in blockage of energy center which has to be addressed by progress from Science to energy healing for you to get rid of these feelings and foster positive thinking.

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