The Benefits of Selecting an Independent Insurance Company Rather than a Large Corporation

Finding the right insurance is complicated. From cars and homes to commercial buildings and everything else—you need to make sure your assets are protected. To do this, you need the assistance of a trusted advisor who can help you understand what options you have available. That’s why more people are turning to independent insurance agencies who are much better suited to tailoring policies to individuals compared to large corporations. Some of the key reasons people utilize independent agents include:

1) A Range of Coverage Options

Different people need different levels of coverage. For example, they may require crash and collision on the vehicle, but just something simple on a commercial property. Independent agencies work with a wide variety of companies so they can offer a huge range of products that are uniquely suited for your needs and budget.

2) Get Everything Done in One Place

Independent agencies allow you to fill all your insurance needs under the same roof. The means you can get protection for your home, office, health, business insurance and more all in one place with one agent. Not only does this make getting insurance easier, but also sorting claims and making any changes to your policy.

3) Work With Experts

If you choose a larger corporation, you’ll probably won’t be working with an expert. These companies are like assembly lines that try to process claims as quickly as possible. With independent agencies, you have an expert who can provide you with simple, accurate explanations to any questions you might have. This will help you make better choices when selecting plans and sorting claims.

4) Your Personal Agent

With big companies, you call their hotline and are put on the line with someone who may not be familiar with your policy and your needs. Independent agencies provide you with a lifetime partner who knows the ins and outs of your policies, but also your financial and other needs. With them, you can have the support and insight necessary to ensure you are getting the best coverage.

5) Convenience

Everything about independent insurance companies is designed for your convenience. You don’t need to call some hotline across the country and wait weeks in the mail to get an insurance check or new policy forms to sign. Independent agencies are in your neighborhood. This means you can call or easily head into an office to work out any of your questions and claims.

6) Expense

The best thing about independent insurance companies is that you get the benefit of all these great services at lower costs to you. Independent companies have the flexibility to choose insurance plans and partners that work best for everyone while passing the savings onto you.

Finding the Perfect Insurance for You

At the end of the day, the difference between independent insurance companies and larger corporations are that you are not just one of millions, but a valued partner. You immediately see the difference in the quality of service, availability of options and the personal relationships that help you shape the perfect policies for you. Connect with us online to learn more about how an Independent Insurance Agency is the best choice for you.

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