Injured While Riding in an Uber Vehicle? Follow These 4 Steps Before You Do Anything Else

Uber is a rideshare company that provides paid transportation for those who need these services. Each year, thousands of passengers, pedestrians, and other vehicles are involved in accidents with Uber drivers. When someone is injured while riding in an Uber vehicle, they need to be aware of the steps they should take to protect their rights and best interests.

Uber Accidents are on the Rise

There are many dangers when it comes to riding in an Uber vehicle. The reports of injuries and other incidents have dramatically risen and studies have proven traffic deaths have increased 1% since Uber’s launch. Those who are injured in Uber accidents often need to call the Law Office of Ivan M. Diamond.

4 Steps You Should Take If Injured While Riding in an Uber Vehicle

Uber drivers are just like any other driver. There are a few different levels of drivers and not all of them are specially trained. UberX is the cheapest of the options and is made up of everyday citizens. Obviously, this does not make them driving specialists. If you suffer Uber injuries, make sure you take the following four steps before you do anything else.

1. If you are seriously injured, seek medical attention right away. Nothing else is more important than your health and wellbeing. Having medical documentation of your injuries will help you in pursuing compensation for your injury claim.

2. Calling the police to the scene of the accident is essential. Make sure the officer fills out a traffic collision report and ensure you get a copy. A police report is an important component of being able to establish liability.

3. Obtain information from all the parties involved in the accident. Get their names, contact information, and insurance information. You should also get the names and contact information of any eyewitnesses.

4. Contacting a lawyer is an important step before you talk with any insurance companies, including your own. Even if you do not feel you will need the help of a lawyer, they can prove instrumental in helping you understand your rights and legal options.

Rideshare Drivers Must Be Held Accountable

If your Uber driver is responsible for your injuries, it is essential they are held responsible for the damages they caused. Drivers for Uber are required to have liability insurance and they also recommend their drivers purchase rideshare insurance.

Unfortunately, a driver’s own personal auto insurance policy may refuse to cover an Uber accident because they consider the vehicle to be used commercially. Many Uber accident victims have discovered this the hard way. To hold the driver accountable, injured victims must often seek help from a personal injury lawyer.


While Uber and other rideshare platforms are convenient, they also hold many dangers. Not only is it dangerous to get in a vehicle with someone you do not know, but you are also at the mercy of their driving skills.

When someone is injured while riding in an Uber vehicle, they need to take the steps outlined above to ensure they are protected. Keeping detailed notes and actively pursuing the driver and their insurance company is important.

If you have been injured, never talk with the insurance company without first consulting with a lawyer. A lawyer will guide you in making the right decisions to ensure you hold the Uber driver accountable, so you can receive fair compensation.

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