Why You Need Insulation in the Summer

When it comes to attic insulation, most people tend to think of the importance it plays in winter months. While insulation is undoubtedly effective in cooler months, it’s also helpful during other times of the year as well. Summer usually brings intensely hot weather. Insulation prevents homes from overheating, lowers your home energy costs, and increases comfort levels. In simple terms, insulation holds heat in the winter and blocks it out in the summer. Here are just a few reasons proper attic insulation is essential for your home.

Prevent Air Loss

During the summer, your home constantly loses air to the outside. This is an invisible process that goes on 24/7. Air exchange occurs where you lose cool air in exchange for hot, humid air. This is what makes homes feel hot and sticky. Attic insulation decreases this exchange by holding in the cooler air and keeping out hotter air.

Slow Heat from Entering

Aside from the large volume of air escaping your home, most houses generally do not have enough insulation to block heating from entering in key places like walls, floors, ceilings and even places like electrical outlets. Consequently, high amounts of heat gain occur, causing temperatures inside to go up. Ensuring you have the right amount of insulation to block heat from entering your home is essential to a comfortable home temperature.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Electricity is expensive and many utility companies have higher rates during the hottest parts of summer. Even if you have an efficient HVAC system, it still can consume large amounts of energy. With insulation and reduced air loss, you’ll be able to get much more value from your system as it won’t need to work as hard to cool your home to a comfortable level.

The Benefits of Attic Insulation

It’s no secret that heat rises. It passes easily through attics that are poorly insulated, increasing energy costs. Whether it’s during winter or summer, it’s important to address the issue of air leaks. By sealing your attic and other key places, you prevent the majority of heat exchange from occurring. This includes creating a radiant barrier, which blocks the sun’s ray from entering your attic at full intensity, generally lowering utility costs by 5-10% each month.

Other Perks of Insulations

There are additional benefits of attic insulation aside from temperature and energy savings. In properly insulated homes, air does not cycle through your HVAC system as often. Consequently, the air inside does not dry out as much, improving indoor air quality and helping with respiratory problems. In addition, attic insulation is helpful for people who live near loud places like schools and parks or highways and airports. Insulation reduces the sound that enters your home, making it a more quiet and relaxing place.

Get Ready for a Comfortable Summer

There are so many advantages of home and attic insulation. You can save energy, improve air quality, reduce outside noise, and increase the overall comfort of your home year-round. Connect with Attic Construction to see all the ways an update on your attic insulation by us can help you. This could include attic insulation installation or other key areas like duct repairs, rodent proofing, cleanups and everything else you need for a pleasant home, no matter the season.

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