10 Tips to Save Money on Kids’ Outdoor Birthday Parties

Kids’ birthday parties always happen to be very special and all of us want to throw parties that will turn out to be unforgettable for the little ones.

But we tend to go out of our budget and are tempted to spend more than what we can afford to fulfill our kids’ wish most of the times. You may think that the other parents are renting out expensive gymnasiums or lavish restaurants for their kids, you must also do the same for bringing that smile to their faces!

But that is not necessary. For kids, the fun factor happens to be the number one priority and you don’t have to go overboard for achieving that.

You do not have to shell out the extra bucks to throw a party that everyone will enjoy and love. All you have to do is some careful planning and creativity and you will be good to go.

Here are some tips that will help you to throw an outdoor birthday party that all the kids will enjoy to the core. Just read on.

Kids’ birthday parties

  • Timing is Crucial – For throwing a party timing is one of the most crucial things to consider. Plan up something between 2 or 3 pm to 5 or 6 pm when a full meal is not expected.
  • Have the Party at Home – A fancy venue like a waterpark or a restaurant can sound lucrative but a party at home is almost always much more economical. You can decorate just as you want, can dust off the patio furniture and schedule the party just as you want. You can create a relaxed environment by hosting a party in your backyard.
  • Opt for a Park (if Home Venue is Not Possible) – If the party cannot be arranged at home, then it is better that you go for the local or state park pavilion. They are often free or the least expensive and you can easily setup picnic tables and decorate with balloons, paper products and matching tablecloths for a fun party.
  • Go for Digital Invitations – Though personalized or hand-made invitations look really special often they involve a lot of expense and at the end of the day they end up in the trash. That is why using the electronic media to send the invitations is a great idea. You can customize the invitations and simply email them. Or you can use the social media to create an event as most people are there in the social media and will get the invitations through the site.
  • Make Your Own Cake or Cupcakes – Cakes at the grocery store happen to be quite expensive. That is why it is always advisable that you skip it for good. So, it is a great idea to prepare the cake at home. Even if you just go for canned frosting and a boxed cake you will only spend a buck or two.
  • Keep the Menu Simple – There is no point in creating an elaborate menu for kids’ parties. They will enjoy equally with just a few basic items. For an outdoor party, you just go for pizza or hot dogs and add your child’s favorite side dish. In case of drinks too, you should not think about expensive cans of soda and water. Instead, you can create a lemonade punch and serve them in funky dispensers and use a pitcher of water.
  • Create Your Own Games – This is something that will help you save a good amount of money. In case of outdoor parties, you can break some of the lawn games like corn hole or washers or color man. If they get tired then you can find out an alternative for Tic Tac Toe to keep them engaged.
  • Limit Your Invitees List – It can be expensive to invite an entire class. Your kids will be happy to see the close buddies and a few of the familiar faces. You should try to limit the party to just a few kids. This will also help you to control the youngsters in a better way.
  • Keep the Decoration Simple – You may be tempted to go for a themed party, but that includes a lot of unnecessary expenses. Your kids will not enjoy any less if you skip the theme and use balloons, paper products for the decoration. Added to that, you can use the patio furniture or can opt for table or chair hire in London if the need arises. You can get them at pocket-friendly rates, unlike the amount that you have to spend for buying. The young kids will love the balloons more than anything else and so you don’t need to spend a lump sum amount for that.
  • Don’t Go for Goody Bags – Skip the party favors or goody bags. Most of the ones that you find in the stores are filled with junk and parents throw it out after some time. So, do away with it.

The above are suggested by professional and experienced event organizers who have successfully arranged events at different budgets to suit the need of their clients and know exactly what works and what does not for a great kids’ birthday party without making a dent in your pocket. 

Kids’ birthday parties

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