Introduction To Laura Ashley Lighting

Laura Ashley did not start out with her own line of lighting fixtures. She started in her humble home where she lived in England with her husband. Around the middle nineteen fifties, Laura was wiped out by the flooding of the Derwent River overflowing. By then she was well on her way to being a household name with her beautiful prints and fabrics. Laura Ashley lighting was started many years after her passing in nineteen eighty five.

Laura Ashley lighting can be found in most of the department stores and discount houses. The line carries many different lamps and chandeliers. One is called the Cherry Blossom 5 arm chandelier. It is made of steel pretty wrought iron flowers entwined throughout. The colors are quite nice of antique pale sage and pink. There are a number of different styles in this line alone.

Laura Ashley Lighting

Another Laura Ashley lighting line has mini chandeliers. They will go into a small bedroom or dining room. They come in a variety of shapes and colors. How pretty a mini chandelier would look in a girl’s room all pink and frilly? The chandeliers in the Laura Ashley lighting collection is mind boggling. There are so many to choose from, some people might be intimidated by the selection. There are choices from the very simple to the ultra-fancy. Some have just a few crystals others have thousands of them. Some crystals are even colored, adding pretty hue to the room.

Lamps in the Laura Ashley lighting collection are very lovely. The designs range from tall and skinny ones, to short, fat or round ones. There are different lamps and table lamps with shades to match any décor. They are also fancy ones that will add that special touch to the room they are in.

The collection of Laura Ashley lighting has one special lamp called the birdcage complete lamp. It looks like a gilded birdcage with so many sparkling suspended glass droplets. It hangs from the ceiling as a plant hanger would and would fit just right in that empty corner.

There is a lamp shade in the Laura Ashley lighting collection that is an unusual shaped shade. It looks like someone took a bunch of material and pleated it all together. It has a beaded swag on the bottom that looks like diamonds. It is for a large lamp to set on an end table or two. Or some people will hang it as a chandelier, giving the room a different look all together.

Found in the Laura Ashley lighting collection are floor lamps of many designs. Some are very simple, great behind a reading chair. Others are made of glass balls sitting on top of each other. The choices are many and there is one out there just right for your home or office. The prices in the Laura Ashley lighting collection vary. Depending on where you are putting the lamp or hanging that chandelier will determine the price. As her clothing line reflects softness, so does her collection of lamps and chandeliers. They give the feeling of fragileness and will soften a room, no matter where it is put.

 Laura Ashley Lighting


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