Tips For Purchase A Log House

We strongly recommend taking into account the points described below to carry out the purchase of a log house.

  • You should never buy a log house without having previously seen the construction system in an exhibition or factory, being able to appreciate at the time the materials and finishes to be used in your future log house.
  • You should not buy a log house in assembly kits for a very low price. Usually, these assembly systems generate problems due to the defects in the parts, as well as the lack of some fundamental parts. The subsequent replacement by other new parts will generate endless issues. Once you realize the difficulty of this type of incomplete kits, the next problem you will have is trying to hire a second company for the assembly, and no one wants to be responsible for the assembly of this type of houses. To conclude, you must be aware that this type of house does not include any type of electricity, plumbing, heating, etc. which will have to increase later in the final price of the log house.
  • You should not buy a log house or kit that does not comply with the Technical Building Code and that the company where you buy your log house does not give you a minimum of 10 years warranty as stipulated by the law. Without a CTE, you will never be able to get the habitability certificate of your log house, and therefore, this implies not being able to contract the services of light and water.
  • Given the ease with which the internet can be accessed, in the last few years, there have been many companies looking to sell log houses or log kits without having previous experience or professional background. They only have an email address and a phone and they lack a factory, even an exhibition where they can appreciate the models at the moment. These companies claim themselves as home builders because they have a website positioned on the internet. These are the companies that disappear from one day to another by passing the client an ordeal to finish their log home. We refer to experiences told by the clients who have come to us desperately looking for help for the termination of their log homes that they left them half-built.

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