How to Lower Back Pain at Work

Back pain is very common in people. If you have a desk-bound job then you are more likely to experience lower back pain. Sitting at a desk all day long may increase your back pain and may make you less productive. Here are some helpful ways for you to prevent back pain at work.

Lower Back Pain

1. Support Your Lower Back with a Lumbar Support

You may feel back pain at work if you don’t support your lower back. Buying an adjustable chair may provide comfort to your back and ease the pain. Try to change your workspace to give relief to your back. Put a pillow or a lumbar support to support your lower back at work. You can put an ice pack inside the pillow to reduce back pain in a better way. If you are a tall person then buy kratom products or CBD Oil to help reduce your back pain.

2. Adjust Your Chair to Relieve Back Pain

An adjustable chair at work may reduce your back strain. You can adjust the chair according to your height and comfort. Sit in an upright position and adjust the chair in a way to make your forearms parallel to the ground. To check whether your height is correct, place your elbows on your body to form an L-shape at your joint. To straighten your back and maintain a good posture, tilt the chair if need be. If one of the elderly is in a manual wheelchair, make sure it’s a quality one that can really help to ease the pain as well.

3. Rest Your Feet Flat on the Ground

After adjusting your chair make sure to rest your feet flat on the ground. In this way, you may keep your back in a better position and reduce your discomfort. Using a footrest may help you in providing extra support to your back. Don’t cross your legs while sitting because it may put pressure on your back.

4. Place Your Computer at an Ideal Level

To sit in an upright and proper position, make sure to place your computer in an easy position. Placing the computer in a comfortable position may prevent you to contort your head and neck. In this way, you may reduce or prevent back pain. Place the screen at eye level and 4-6 inches away from you. Keep the mouse closer to you so you don’t have to bend your back to reach it. Attach the papers on the screen if you are reading it and typing. Use a headset when speaking on the phone if your job is to make calls the entire day.

5. Take Frequent Breaks from Sitting

It may be important for you to take breaks if you are sitting for long periods. Take a small break to stretch out and relax your back muscles to ease back pain. Try to walk for five minutes after every hour or two. At lunchtime, stand up straight and realign the body before sitting on your chair. One way to relieve back pain is to roll your shoulders backward and then letting it relax. These stretching movements may help you to activate back muscles that while sitting.

6. Massage Your Back If a Need Arises

You may reduce back pain while sitting by massaging your back with your palms. Rub the area on your back which is causing you pain. You can use a tennis ball to reduce back pain in a better way. Place the tennis ball between the back and wall move back and forth to give yourself a massage. Try acupressure if massaging does not help you to relieve back pain. There are pressure points on your back which may help to reduce severe pain. Press the pressure points on your back to relieve back pain in a quick manner.

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