Millennial Guide: How To Get Scratches Out Of Your Glasses

Many of us wear glasses on a daily basis, but it can become a burden to properly care for them. Some light scratches on your eyeglasses are common, albeit annoying. Most products that promise cannot fully repair scratched glasses, but fill them in so they’re less distracting to the wearer. Learn how to get scratches out of glasses with these tips for lens care:

Fill Scratches Gently

To fill the scratches, all you need is a soft cotton or wool cloth and some simple household products. For example, try a non-abrasive toothpaste. Apply directly to the cloth and rub gently. Then, rinse them and allow your glasses to dry. For more stubborn or deep scratches, this process may need to be repeated more than once.

You can also try car wax, which helps fill in the scratches in both plastic and glass lenses. Be sure to use a clean cloth, buff the lenses gently, and repeat with a new cloth as needed. The wax will cling to the fabric cloth and may need to be changed out frequently during the process.

Baking soda mixed with water is another compound that can help minimize the appearance of scratches. Rub the concoction on the lenses with a cloth and rinse it off. Allow the glasses to dry or wipe them off with a dry cloth before trying again.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your glasses often helps prevent particles from building up on the surface and causing additional scratches. Start with clean hands and run some warm water across the lenses. This will loosen any particles on the lenses gently. Then, add a little soap to the mix to remove the oily layer that builds up on the surface. Let them air dry or wipe them with a soft cloth.

Try to avoid wiping it on a t-shirt or other article of clothing, because it will produce scratches over time. A microfiber cloth that’s specifically designed to clean your glasses is the best way to prevent scratches. Learn more about eyeglass cleaning.

Prevention with Anti-Scratch Coating

At the recommendation of your optometrist, there are anti-scratch coatings that can be applied to the surface of your lenses. This coating makes the lenses more resistant to developing scratches in the first place. For those who wear their glasses daily, especially in tough jobs, an anti-scratch coating is can extend the life of your glasses. These coatings are also great for children who tend to damage glasses quicker.

Trust a Professional

Eyeglasses are an investment and when in doubt, trust a professional for repair and replacement. Eyelux optometry is located in San Diego and specializes in comfortable, individualized care for all types of vision needs. This includes glasses and contacts but also encompasses more complex vision issues like keratoconus, LASIK procedures, corneal refractive therapy, and more. The practice can help answer questions, like “do I need glasses?” for those just beginning to see an optometrist. Learn more here.

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