Raising the Remedy: The Relationship Between Mental Health and Plants

Horticulture can be a delightful venture with lots of helpful benefits. Your household will look beautiful with plants growing everywhere. In addition to beautifying your home, plants and flowers can make us feel positive. They can charm you on special occasions, cheer you up when you feel blue, or help make a dull, gloomy room full of life. What do plants and flowers possess and why can they set us in such a positive mood? And do they certainly have that much influence on our mental health?

Plants can Change your Mood Positively

We distinguish colors and base it with emotions. Red can express anger, danger, or love. Yellow symbolizes sunshine and pleasure. And blue can indicate sorrow or serenity. Green correlates with shelter, which could explain as to why having plenty of plants around can help generate such a soothing environment. Additionally, we have our links with colors that can cause our mind a sad or happy memory and affect our responses. Of course, it is a perfect opportunity to create a particular emotion or feeling to the person who you intend to give flowers.

Plants can Help You Become Productive

Studies have proved that offices with plants help improve brain function and boost creativity among employees. Clean, and organized offices may seem amazing to people crossing by, but these types of offices don’t usually allow any visual encouragement and comfort for people who spend the whole day there, which could affect the work rate of the employees. Well, it doesn’t only influence workers, either. Research has also published that placing flowers in classrooms and lecture halls and help increase participation. It yields that having plants within reach can make you feel more attentive and happier, anywhere you may be.

As we go back to the theories in color, while red is associated with focus and sharp attention to detail, blue is an effective approach to promote creativity and free-thinking. So, if you notice a lot of flowers with the same hue around the workplace, the boss might be trying to say something.

Mental Health and Gardening

Why would you try to wait for a friend to give you flowers when you can purchase gardening merchandises in GStore and grow yours. We understand that plants can help make you feel a bit better and there’s also documentation that gardening can be helpful for your mental health. Research in 2015 remarked that 88% of people disclosed mental wellness as a reason for tending the garden. All that digging, pruning, and planting help provide both healthy air and a feeling of accomplishment. Some people find advantage in having something to take care of as it gives them purpose.

Horticulture is also an activity you can perform with a group, such as maintaining a village garden and spending quality times with family which is a reliable way to boost your mood.


When we talk about promoting mental health, everyone is not the same. To others, landscaping is a seasonal routine that draws pleasure as well as beauty to a household. But to some, gardening is their source of comfort and feeling of achievement to boost their mental health. Also, the satisfaction of a well-designed garden can be very helpful when other aspects of your life are not entirely according to plan.

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