Advantages Of Planning Weekly Menu With Smartphone Applications

We will probably all agree that planning the weekly menu is better than not doing it and it seems quite obvious. But it is also true that normally, due to lack of time, unawareness, or for any other reason, we do not. But today, you can do it with many applications available for a smartphone which have changed the rules of the game. Let’s see why it is important to make a weekly diet menu.

Get a Balanced Diet

If we do not plan the weekly menu, most days we end up improvising, and that makes our diet unbalanced. The principles of the Mediterranean diet tells us that one of the basic premises is variety. We have to eat everything in the right measures. If we do not plan, we will end up eating the same thing for several days in a row, simply because it is what we have in the fridge.

If you also have children who eat at school, the problem is aggravated. By not planning, the risk of your children eating the same thing at school increases. When it becomes something habitual, it begins to be worrisome.

The difficulty of getting a balanced diet sometimes is that we do not know the frequency with which we should consume each type of food in a week such as how many eggs we have to take each week. Well, this problem is solved automatically with the use of many smartphone applications which automatically generate a balanced weekly menu and you avoid the monotonous diet while the kids are happy having different lunch to eat at school every day.

Save Time

At first glance, it might seem that planning a weekly menu takes longer and this is indeed the case if you have to spend Sunday afternoon thinking about what you will have each day, filling in gaps like you are doing a puzzle. And if you also have children in school, to make your weekly menu for school lunch becomes a difficult level of Sudoku. In addition, when you finish fitting all the pieces, you will have to prepare the list of the purchase, therefore, add at least a quarter of an hour to the time that you have inverted.

With smartphone applications, all this problem is solved in less than 1 minute. In less than 5 seconds, their algorithm generates the weekly menu which is totally balanced nutritionally. If you also invest a few minutes before in personalizing the recipes, the level of adaptation of the menu to your tastes will be maximum. And once you have got the menu, making the list of purchase will be done in a moment. You will just have to take a quick look to see if you are missing any of the usual ingredients and you are off to the market.

To cook your weekly diet menu in a healthier way, I suggest you use the best air fryers which will cook your food within the small quality of oil i.e. one or two tablespoons.

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