How Susan & Jake Story Overcame Addiction Together

Susan’s life was heartbreaking. By the time she arrived at the addiction treatment facility, she was physically a monster. Her health and behaviors were absolutely in worse condition. She was in the throes of an acute addictive disease. Her parents were gone, and she had practically no contact with her brothers. She had lost all her material assets despite having grown up in the luxury of a rich family. However, some people in her community supported her and still are with her, meeting and continues to support her today. She was in need to get personalized help for addiction treatment.

Without knowing why, the first thing I did when I saw her was to tell her, in a very intuitive way, that she would not die of addiction since she was somewhat very afraid of death. Susan was skeptical and very self-absorbed about everything. She had come from spending a season in a mental hospital. Her failure had led her to the underworld, and her academic achievements went hand in hand with in the world of transgression.

Her decline got worse and worse until she finally found herself in a hellish situation: sentenced to five years in prison in a women’s prison. After that, she preferred to go live in a marginal neighborhood where she trafficked and used crack. Eventually, Susan had a minimum moment of clarity and asked for help from her community, whose members, in a really beautiful way, accompanied her. She finished her internal process and graduated in an emotional act. To date, Susan is sober and goes to the follow-up group, which is the continuation of her personalized addiction treatment after graduation. Today, Susan is cured of her critical addictive condition and lives a very beautiful and splendid life.

Overcame Addiction Together

In Susan’s early days in the therapeutic sessions and groups, there were tense moments as she previously knew Jake, a heroin addict and extreme athlete who looked like a nuclear man after suffering a parachute accident. He had a fondness for the underworld despite the fact that he came from a very wealthy family. Like Susan, he liked famous international gangsters from the 1940s and 1950s. So, there was immediate complicity between the two. So, the clinical team set them as a measure to write clearing of all the inappropriate events that they had done together. Jake had even been expelled from said acacetin treatment center because he represented a danger to all the other patients. Some addiction specialists knew Jake as Superman since he once escaped from a psychiatric hospital by jumping out of a fourth-floor window.

The success of the treatment is primarily in the notion of group. Even though each one must fight for their own things, there is a dimension wherein one must point out the faults to the companions so that they correct them. There’re many similarities between those who undergo the addiction rehab process together so that they are mirrors of each other. Susan and Jake came from a family environment where they had all the comforts. Ultimately, you can overcome every obstacle together.

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