The 5 Best Content Writing Tips for Content Marketers

When it comes to digital marketing, a solid content strategy is a key to reaching your demographic, building your brand, and generating new leads. To put it in the simplest terms, content marketing uses targeted written, visual, or video content to reach and persuade a specific audience. Content marketing works best for you when it’s specific, valuable, and deeply relevant to your audience.

Interested in cracking the content marketing code in 2019? These five simple steps will help you do just that and gain you the audience you want.

1. Research Your Keywords

Keyword research encompasses much more than just using SEO tools to find high-traffic keywords in your niche. You also have to do some research on the human side of your business’ target keywords. Think of the following questions when thinking about which keywords to utilize:

  • What are people really looking for when they search for these words?
  • How well does your current content answer these questions?
  • How well do your competitors address these keywords?

Understanding your audience’s needs will make your keyword research much more fruitful.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Now that you know what keywords your audience is searching, you can start creating quality, in-depth content that truly addresses their needs. Content marketing agencies know that one piece of well-researched and clearly organized content will win over three rushed, flimsy blog posts any day. Make sure that you’re publishing the best content available in your niche, and always remember that your content exists for human readers, not algorithms.

3. Facts Matter

Don’t publish anything unless you have the facts to back it up. Misinformation and outright lies run rampant on the internet, but as a responsible content marketer, your best bet remains to stick firmly to the truth. Cite your sources and link to them wherever possible. You want your audience to trust you, which means honesty and transparency are the best policies to implement in your site’s content.

4. Make It Pretty

No matter which content marketing formats you decide to use, you need to make sure your site looks great. This might mean adding graphics to your blog posts, investing in a better camera for video, or paying an illustrator to create custom icons for your app.

Before someone ever presses play on your podcast or reads the first sentence of your blog post, the appearance of your site makes the first impression. A polished and visually-appealing site works more persuasively than an outdated or bland one. The former shows that you care about your website, which means you care about your company and clients. The latter tells the opposite tale.

5. Be an Authority

Instead of relying on other experts’ opinions or research, as an authority in your field, you generate valuable content that others will come to rely on. This might mean conducting your own research, setting up surveys, or presenting your opinions about topics that matter in your industry. As an authority in your field, others will come to see you as a true expert.

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