The 7 Most Popular Types of Fish Served as Sashimi

Sashimi is a delicious treat for many hungry diners. It is a delicate Japanese dish, which includes thinly sliced raw seafood without rice. Extra flavor is added by dipping the fish in soy, wasabi or ginger sauce. But the determining factor of taste and quality is the chef’s choice in the types of fish served as sashimi.


If you like to eat fish, then it’s highly likely you enjoy salmon. Salmon is a marbled, flaky fish with incredible flavor and health benefits. Salmon is called sake in Japanese, and it is a popular staple in Japanese restaurants around the world. The bright orange coloring of the salmon provides a burst of color on your plate along with delicious flavor.


While salmon may be the standard for Japanese dishes,  octopus is also seen as a delicacy. It has a sweet, smooth flavor when prepared correctly. Referred to as tako in Japanese,  octopus should be sliced thinly to be more tender. Although commonly boiled in other Japanese dishes, octopus it is safe and flavorful when served raw in sashimi.


Tuna encompasses a variety of cuts, all of which vary in taste and texture. The most expensive tuna cut is otoro, which is high in fat and enhances the flavor. Another commonly used tuna cut is katsuo, which is usually cooked just until it’s lightly brown on the outside but still raw inside. Katsuo is best served with garlic and ginger. Chutoro is a pink cut of tuna with a relatively high-fat content. With the variety of different cuts and flavors, tuna is a highly popular fish in sashimi dishes.


Halibut is another easily recognizable type of fish in sashimi. It’s is a type of flounder, so the can be tough along the fin. To fix the issue, chefs cut halibut very thin to create tender cuts. Halibut is high in collagen, which provides multiple health benefits for those who like to eat sashimi.


The key to using squid in sashimi is to cut it in thin slivers to create a translucent, delicate display on the plate. Squid is very smooth and provides an incredible texture to your meal.


You’ll most commonly find yellowtail sushi on the menu during the summer. This is when the fish is in season and becomes quite popular in restaurants. Yellowtail is light pink in color, almost translucent. It has a delicate flavor and creamy texture, making yellowtail a popular choice with regular patrons whenever it is available.


Also known as Japanese mackerel, you’ll find saba most commonly grilled on the menu. However, it’s also commonly marinated in a vinegar sauce and served as sashimi, as well. It has a stronger flavor than many other types of fish, so chefs will often add green onions and ginger to enhance the taste.

Consider Sashimi for Your Next Night Out

Sashimi is a delicious and healthy choice with endless variety. Whether it is a long-time favorite, or you are trying it for the first time, consider experimenting with different fish and cuts to determine which sashimi plates appeal to your palette. You just might be surprised to find a new favorite!

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