The Top 5 Lash Extension Styles for Summer 2019

With the official start of summer fast approaching, you are already in full-on beauty mode. Let’s face it, summer is short, and you want to look your best from day one. You have your summertime wardrobe set, nails manicured, and hairstyle ready to go. What’s left? Why not consider getting one of the summer’s hot trends, eyelash extensions. Not only will your eyes pop, but extensions can eliminate the need for mascara, saving you more time to hit the road or beach this summer. Here are the top five lash extensions styles for summer 2019.


Summertime is the perfect season to make a statement with your looks. Creating a full and thick set of lashes, similar to that of some celebrities, is easy to do with staggered lash extensions. With professional adhesive, a variety of long and short lashes are applied to your natural lashes, creating a full beautiful set of lashes that are sure to stand out.


Of course, nothing says summer like an easy-going, relaxed style. Why not accentuate this ‘chill’ look with natural-looking eyelash extensions? Your natural lashes are filled in using individual lightweight extensions to produce a youthful and bright appearance. And as with most eyelash extensions, these are easy to maintain and will last about five weeks.


Your time to shine is when the sun comes out, and there is no better way to make a splash than with colored lash extensions. The color options are virtually endless. If you prefer subtle, you can go with the ombre or lighter hues. Maybe you like a bright and lively palette? If so, choose vivid colors. Either way, people will take notice.


Daring and bold more your thing? Why not take to the beach or summer parties with thicker extensions to make your eyes ‘pop’. Similar to the staggered lashes, this lash style fills in your natural lashes, often using multiple lashes adhered to an individual natural lash. This style is the ultimate for a dazzling, summertime look.


Looking for the best of all worlds’ when it comes to your style for the summer? Consider consulting with your lash professional about customizing lash extensions. Your technician can create a unique look that provides a combination of lashes sure to wow during the warmer months.

While you may be all set to take on the warm sunny days and cool summer nights with your lash extensions, it is essential you properly maintain them. A quick few tips to help keep your lashes looking fantastic.

  • Wear shades when out in the sun to help prevent the lash bond from breaking down.
  • ●      If you go swimming, wear goggles. Whether it be the ocean or pool, your eyes may get irritated by the salt or chlorine, which may lead you to rub your eyes, which is a big no-no with extensions.
  • While wearing eyelash extensions, regardless of the season, never pull on your eyelashes, as this can damage your natural lashes.

If you are interested in completing your summer look with lash extensions, visit Selena’s Lash Studio in Corona, California, where our expert staff can help you choose the perfect lashes. We also offer lash lifts for those wanting to perk up their appearance without the need for extensions.

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