Tiny is the Trend: Why a Lot of Young Couples Love Tiny Houses

A lot of fresh grads and young bachelor and bachelorettes often dream of owning large houses for their soon-to-be families. However, the trend with a lot of them is that they usually go for low-cost housing which means they pay less for bills, maintenance, and other miscellaneous costs.

Tiny houses are a hot commodity in the real estate business. These houses, although small and tight to look out from the outside, are fully furnished and amazingly spacious on the inside. Here are some more reasons why young couples prefer Tiny houses over high-cost apartment spaces.

Easy to Modify

Tiny houses are just that; they’re tiny. Being tiny also means that a house that’s small is easy to modify and customize. Young couples and millennials today love expressing themselves in any way they can, which also involves customizing the home they live in.

Although these houses look small on the outside, a lot of people are often good at maximizing the space inside these small houses. A bedroom, a comfort room and bath, and everything else you can find in a traditional house is neatly packed in this cost-effective house.

Affordable Alternative

Due to the rising costs of rented spaces, people started looking for more affordable housing alternatives. This rise in the cost of rented spaces is what sparked a lot of interest in tiny houses. Compared to housing, 78% tiny house owners own their houses, compared to the 65% of homeowners who have traditional houses.

Tiny House owners also save more than those with traditional bungalows. The smaller space, the lesser electricity, and water that people use in them. You can visit sites such as Ashe Morgan to get more info about the costs of housing.

Environmentally Sound

Another movement popular in today’s millennials and young minds is that they are more concerned with environmental issues. Considered by a lot of people, being environmentally aware is more than just a trend, it’s a way of life. Most tiny houses are cost effective and require less energy to function properly.


Forget about traditional housing. A lot of people are on the lookout for tiny houses. Not only is it cost-effective and environmentally sound, but these small houses are also easily modifiable. Although they look small from the outside, most tiny house owners make the most of the spaces which looks and feels spacious on the inside.

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