Tips to Ease Depression with Humor

Depression affects over 10% of adult Americans during any given year. As a sufferer, you know how difficult it can be to treat this illness. That’s why you’re going to take advantage of the natural medicine of humor; I’ve prescribed my Fun Commandments to hundreds of my patients who’ve battled with this disorder, and I know they will work just as well for you. As many as 19 million American adults experience depression every year. The good news about depression, however, is that if you seek treatment at a center like Anew Treatment Center, odds are you will feel better.

There is no way to quantify the cost of human suffering caused by depression. Because your symptoms are so overwhelming and invasive, even routine activities become painful (and often impossible) chores. You know too well the loneliness, emptiness, fatigue, loss of interest, hopelessness, irritability, and physical pain which accompany your bouts.

You, however, are not meant to replace your current treatment. You should continue to seek and follow the counsel and therapy of your physician. But you can rest assured that the addition of my proven methods will enhance your treatment – making it up to four times more effective at easing your depression.

Depression with Humor

An effective field-tested method for tackling depression centers around is the fun commandment. Those willing to practice it always experience mood elevation and a reduction in symptoms.

I emphasize the choices you have when it comes to your happiness. Laughter, after all, is not the only way you can express your happiness – in fact, sometimes, it can be downright inappropriate. But a smile is always subtle and under your complete control.

Don’t be fooled by its subtlety. Even though it is silent and controllable, a smile is remarkably powerful. Not only is it intense and compelling, but it has measurable positive physical side effects. Your brain activity increases, your immune system perks up, and your resistance to pain rises noticeably. And here’s the key to how this commandment helps your treatment of depression: these benefits kick in even if you wear a fake smile!

Try it right now; really stretch the corners of your mouth up and toward your ears. Hold it just like that, and try telling me you don’t feel those benefits I mentioned kicking in! Imagine if you felt like that all the time! And that’s the point of Always Go the Extra Smile – you can feel like that anytime you want. You can feel that way all the time if you want. All you have to do is remember to always go the extra smile.

Combine a commitment to smile as much as possible with your depression therapy, and you will find your spirits soaring! Here are some simple steps to get you started:

  • Stretch your smile muscles each morning while you brush your teeth – all athletes know that warming muscles up is the key to getting maximum use from them.
  • Practice saying everything with a smile.
  • Surround yourself with as many personal props or cues that stimulate your thoughts to smile.
  • Develop an internal “smile file” of images and thoughts which you can recall at any time, regardless of your circumstances.

Although these ways are not a cure for your depression, you’ll find they greatly enhance the treatment, and you will suffer less from the effects of your depression as you practice.

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