Tips to Take It Easy in Addiction Recovery Process

What is recovery about? Is it just not using mind-altering and intoxicating substances, or is it a lifestyle change? Is recovery in your heart, or is it in your body and soul? Why is it important to change the people, places, and things you have had in your life when you are in addiction recovery?

The chances are that before you went into addiction recovery, you were a bit of a party animal. Late nights, late mornings, hanging with all sorts of unsavory folks, you lived what many would call a fast life. And now that you are in recovery, you need to do more than just stop hanging out with the same people, partying like a rock star, and staying up all hours of the day and night.

Yes, I know you liked it, but if you aren’t committed to your own recovery, there is nothing anyone else can do for you. It all starts, and ends, with you. You have to want it enough to not do things that will encourage or facilitate a relapse. And you can start with taking it easy.

Addiction Recovery Process

Taking it easy doesn’t mean you have to become a couch potato. No, you need not become a video-game expert, spending all your free time sitting on a couch playing the latest and greatest video challenge. In fact, it’s far better that you not do that. You will find a sense of pride and accomplishment if you do something that is productive. For example, if you already have a job, volunteer for some charitable work, like working in a soup kitchen or an animal shelter. If you don’t have a job, it’s time to get up and find one. Don’t worry that it isn’t paying enough when you start it. It’s better that you be concerned that without it, you won’t be able to feed yourself, or put clothes on your back. The point is, you can take it easy, but you don’t want to become lazy.

Today is a new day. There’s nothing wrong with taking a book and reading it for a while, perhaps while you toast your feet by a fireplace, or slip them into a warm Jacuzzi, as weather permits. Maybe you’ll take a long bike ride in the country or around the city. Find things that make you happy, and then do them. Surround yourself with others who are serious about their recovery, and wanting a better life.

We become like those we befriend. If you want to enjoy life, find the place to make life better, surround yourself with successful people in recovery or at least sober, and then take it easy. Once you’ve achieved success, you’ll find it is always within reach.

Please, you must keep in mind that an addict’s family and friends cannot coerce an individual into dealing with an addiction problem. However, you can give support and arrange for an intervention in order to obtain treatment for addiction. Today, addiction recovery is only a click away due to the availability of contacting a number of online addiction treatment services

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