Top 5 Remote Online Notarization Advantages in Today’s Digitally Evolving World

Notarization is critical in legal transactions. It assures the parties involved that the documents signed are duly executed and authentic. Traditionally, notarization can be overwhelming. You had to schedule an appointment, find a notary public’s office, and bring the documents you need notarized. You could opt for a mobile notary, where the licensed professional comes to you, but this means spending extra for the convenience.

Today, notarization doesn’t have to be a pain or drag your quest to close a deal. You can do it from the comfort of our office, home, or anywhere on the face of the earth, provided you have an internet connection. This is through remote online notarization, a trend that has gained traction, especially following the restrictive measures implemented after the Covid-19 global pandemic hit. Remote online notarization (RON) doesn’t need the notary public and the signer to be in the same room. Instead, they use audio-visual technology to manage the process. Among the top benefits that continue to propel RON’s popularity include:

Online Notarization

  1. Convenience

Most, if not all, online public notaries are available 24/7. This is since they don’t have to commute to an office or the signer’s set destination. With such availability, they offer flexibility in scheduling appointments. This accords the signers the convenience of managing the notarization process with ease. This means no more frustrating hassles trying to squeeze an appointment to get documents notarized, translating to improved productivity.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

RON means a public notary can serve many customers within a limited window. They don’t have to waste time or money on expenses like transport, maintaining office space, or expensive meals. Such savings are transferred to the signers, offering a cost-effective notarization solution. Moreover, RON doesn’t involve using paper, pen, or ink. As such, both parties save more bucks, which is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable. For instance, notarization could take tens if not hundreds of papers. This digs deeper into your pockets, both in acquisition and storage.

  1. More secure

Public notaries are trained professionals, but they are humans. This means identity verification, which traditionally involves checking your paper-form identification material, is not always foolproof. With RON, credential analysis and identity proofing are thorough and more reliable. This limits the chances of mistakes and identity fraud, guaranteeing better security. Moreover, with RON, documents’ integrity is never in question. Digital documents have to be clear. With the electronic notary seal and signature, they can hardly be altered. Such security protects the parties from fraud, making RON a more reliable deterrent.

  1. Faster process

RON lets you manage the process with ease and a lot faster. For instance, if it is your first time, you may not know the documents you must bring for the process. This can make a session less productive. Moreover, with paper documents, you are likely to make a mistake or miss a signature. This further drags the process since you have to go back for corrections. RON eliminates such concerns since working from your office or home means you can access everything you need. Moreover, mistakes such as missing a signature result in real-time error notification, allowing you to correct them and proceed. This improves efficiency, allowing the signatories to complete the process within a short period and with fewer hassles.

  1. Better experience

Organizing digital files, especially with modern innovative solutions, is easy. Moreover, since most transactions are initiated and progress online, digital documents offer a better experience. The process is agile and organized. The public notary and signatories enjoy a better experience using RON since documents accessibility, use and storage are digital.

For the notary public, the need to carry a notepad is eliminated. This is since you replace it with an electronic notary journal. The signatories won’t need to scan and print documents or experience significant hassles during situations such as auditing. Such improved experiences enhance productivity, one of the major benefits of the ever-evolving technology.

Notarization is a significant fraud deterrent measure. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process in the modern arena. With RON, the public notary and signers can efficiently manage the process regardless of physical location. It is an excellent shift as more aspects go digital, allowing the transaction to be completed in virtual spaces leveraging the advancing technology. Remote online notarization continues to gain popularity considering its convenience, affordability, security, and efficiency it delivers in legal transactions.

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