What To Do When You Crash A Rental Car

Let’s say you’ve rented a stunning Maserati. Just as you are about to turn onto the freeway someone rear ends you. What do you do? Car accidents are never fun. But it’s even more stressful when the car isn’t yours. These situations are chaotic, particularly if you’re driving a high-end vehicle. No matter who was at fault, you need to follow these essential steps to make sure you, your passengers and the car are taken care of. Here’s what to do if you crash your sports car rental or any other car rental you’ve done damage to.

1) Check to Make Sure Everyone is Alright

The most important thing is making sure everybody involved in the accident is okay. Check to make sure if anybody needs medical assistance and call 911 right away. Legally, you need to stay at the scene of the accident until the police make a report. If you believe there is danger in the area, such as a potential for either car to explode, then move away from the vehicles immediately. If possible, try to drive any cars out of traffic and onto the side of the road where it is safer.

2) Get Information and Take Pictures

After concluding that everybody is safe and the police are on their way to make a report, it’s time to swap contact and insurance information with everyone. Take as many pictures as possible of everything. This includes your car, the other car, any tire marks and so on. It’s unfortunate, but some people may see your luxury car rental as an opportunity to extract money from you. So, be sure to document everything—you may even considering taking videos as well. Likewise, most experts advise not mentioning your sports car is a rental, as some people may try to take advantage of that. Whether it be a big crash or just a small paint touch up, always document everything.

3) Contact the Rental Company

After you’ve completed everything mentioned above and spoken with the police, you need to call the rental company. The company number and insurance information should both be inside the glove compartment, including an emergency hotline. Follow the directions of the staff. Also, be sure to collect any of your personal belongings before you leave the scene.

4) Call Your Insurance Company

You should have already worked out your insurance with the rental company. You may have agreed to certain insurance policies. whether it’s theirs or yours. Most people have rental car coverage under the comprehensive and collision sections of the policies. Explain the situation and do what your insurance company advises you.

5) Follow Through with Everything

You’ll submit your claim, pictures, and any other evidence from the accident. From here, the insurance companies will work everything out. They will determine if you owe any money and other steps you might have to follow. Even if you were not at fault, this accident may raise your long term rates. It may be worth your while to ask your insurance company if they have an accident forgiveness program. Customers with clean records or those willing to take driver’s safety courses may be able to prevent any rate increases.

Accidents Happen, But They’re Not the End of the World

The vast majority of car accidents are, fortunately, not serious. If one happens to you, make sure you follow these essential steps and you’ll be able to take care of everything so you can get back on the road in no time at all.

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