5 Awesome Ways To Kill Time And Be Productive As Well

There are moments in our lives when boredom starts taking a toll on you. Maybe the monotonous routine of your job is making your mind numb or you are just done with your deadline and are sitting in vague, doing absolutely nothing or maybe there’s a lot of work on your plate but, not the motivation to do it. Doesn’t it all get a little too frustrating? Hence, if you have time or can manage to take a short break from your routine, you might want to try these 5 awesome ways that wouldn’t only help you kill time and boredom but, also scale up your productivity. Take a look.

  1. Get innovative: Creativity has a way of inducing people with positivity and productivity. Good at writing? Maybe you can start your blog then. Write anything and everything and see how it helps you unwind as you channelize your emotions through words. In fact, not only blogging but, anything that drives your creative streak is good to break your monotony while making you happy and productive. So, keep exploring every possible thing and shoo boredom away.
  2. Say hello to reading: Nothing enlightens a mind more than reading and you don’t necessarily need to be a bookworm for reading a book or two. Okay, so you might not be able to read a book on stretch but, reading in bits and pieces also helps. In fact, the internet has a variety of impeccable reading pieces and news which are not only informative but, productive too. So, organise your social media feeds accordingly and see how you increase your intellectual streak while being updated about the latest news, facts and figures. Moreover, it might even help you  impress your boss with a quote or fact in the presentation you gotta give in the board meeting.
  3. Update yourself with a new skill: Learning is a never ending process. There is always a scope for growth and development. So, why not make the most out of it by learning something new? You can opt for a writing course or learn a new programming language or maybe polish up your oratory skills or do anything in general that can take your productivity a level up. It wouldn’t only make your personality top notch but, also induce you with confidence and positivity; professionally as well as personally.
  4. Go for TED talks and Webinars: A little bit of motivation always helps. And, what could be a way better than TED talks and webinars to boost your motivation? While signing up with webinars can help you catch up with the new industry trends, TED talks wouldn’t only kill your boredom but, also bring a refreshing change in your mindset as you listen to successful people sharing their struggle and life stories.
  5. Put your brain to some work out: Yes, training your brain in these little spare moments can work wonders for your productivity. So, try playing some brainstorming games like crosswords, scrabble, sudoku and see how it improves your cognitive and logical skills. In fact, with the emergence of online crosswords like Wealth Words, you can even win real money while being productive and killing time. Yes, Wealth Words is a contemporary online crosswords that gives cash prizes as winnings. All you need to do is grasp the clues and submit the correct answers in an active time frame of an hour. So, why not register at its website, play a game or two of it and win big while becoming rich? Sounds awesome, right?

Aren’t these tips pretty simple to adhere by? So, just get going with these ideas and see how your boredom takes a back seat while bringing positive changes in your life. Have some more ideas to share? Do tell us in the comments below.

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