7 Ways to Boost Your Home wifi Speed

Routers are an important part of being connect to the web. They are how we can access the internet. Though because our wifi is always available to us, we often take the routers for for granted. It’s the routers that ensure we are always connected. If you don’t maintain them, they won’t serve you for too long. Routers often have several problems like poor buffering speed, frequent drop offs. If you follow certain hacks and tricks, you can get your router to work efficiently.

Wifi is always one of the most important priorities that we have. It has been the core of evolution of the internet. An ethernet connection is good to have but only if you are an individual, when it comes to a group of people or a business establishment, you will have to prefer Wifi. There are a tons of tricks that you can implement which shall boost your wifi. Let’s learn 7 such tricks

  1. Use the latest Wi-Fi technology: Wifi is called as Wireless fidelity. As it is with anything, whenever you use stuff related to technology, it is recommended that you always use the latest hardware for the best experience. Wireless routers are like any other tech related device. There are different wireless drivers in our systems that make sure we are in sync with the wireless devices. Incase you have an old router, it is recommended that you either update the software of your router or upgrade the hardware.
  2. Mount your router at the perfect spot: A Router is like a transmitting device that sends wireless signals and so the better they are placed, better signal strength you can enjoy. The signals are nothing but certain wavelength which get hampered if there is any obstruction in their path. You should always try to mount the router at a better height and also in the centre location of your area so that the signals can reach every device. Make sure to point the antennas perpendicularly for better reach.
  3. Get the settings correct in router admin login: In almost every router, you can access the default gateway of your router by entering a certain IP address in your local browser. It can be in the form of https// or, these IP addresses differ from router to router. From comcast routers to netgear routers, it is always different for each router. If your wifi SSID and manufacturer is predictable then hackers can break into your system or even neightbourere can start using wifi to download movies. To prevent such events you can change the SSID and password which will not just strengthen your security but also keep you away from people who might slow down your devices. To know the default credentials for your router, refer this guide.
  4. Increase your wifi range with DIY tricks: Router is limited as per its original range but often times it can’t reach far away places due to obstructions. There are various tricks that can be applied which will help you enhance the signal strength of your router. You can try wrapping the antenna with an aluminum foil, this will improve the strength of your antenna. You can even use beer can or a cooking strainer that can help you extend the router’s range. Don’t expect the result to be extraordinary but if you are really serious about improving the strength, you can use RP-SMA antenna extension cables or even a directional antenna to see a huge difference.
  5. Boost your router’s signals with a bit of hacking: Just like we can root our smartphone to enhance its performance, similarly you can boost your router by hacking into it. You can install a DD-WRT firmware. Not only will it boost the signal strength of your router but also give you a ton of security features to protect from hackers. Though it can be dangerous for your router, but most routers can handle a slight increase of 70 mW.
  6. Turn any old router into a wifi repeater: A repeater is a device that receives a signal and then retransmits it. They are usually cheap but if you already have an old router, it is recommended that you use the same old router which can be converted into a repeater. You may not get the fastest router but it will ensure the signals reaches every corner of your home.
  7. Set your router to reboot on a schedule: Routers are like any other electronic device. They also require some time to cool off. Though they never heat up but continuous usage can sometimes cause them to drop off the connection. It is recommended that you do a manual reboot every now and then. You can simply schedule an auto reboot for the routers, it is possible with the DD-WRT. This ensures they are always in a healthy condition to serve you.

When you are done making use of the above hacks, you will notice a difference in your router’s performance.

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