Tips To Builda Mobile App With Stronger Impact

Earlier this year the cumulative number for total app downloads from Apple’s app store on iOS, reached a staggering 100 Billion. Add the total downloads for Android which are almost five times as many, you have yourself an astounding new industry worth billions of dollars.

This is no surprise then that most of the businesses and organizations have revamped their businesses with the intention to accommodate the entire customer base present on these online platforms. Some have started Billion dollar companies whose entire business is either making apps for their customers or making apps to sell and generate money.

This has become an industry so booming that – according to new research – it could see more than 200 Million app downloads per day, as early as next year.

There are a number of reasons for building an app, whether be a web app or a mobile app. The two most common and obvious reasons that come to mind include making apps to sell directly to the people via app store or play store, and making apps for businesses in order to increase their market and brand awareness and to provide customer service.

If you are starting a business or already run a business which doesn’t have a web or mobile application then you’ll probably need to hire a web development company or a freelance developer. Either of these thingsis a business decision and will cost you substantially, so to carry it out in an efficient and effective way you need to be able to know what kind of caveats are possible during such acquisitions.

  • First of all, you need to know if the people you hire are qualified and know their work, some programmers produce workable codes but those are so sloppy that others are unable to expand on or update them.
  • Do make sure that the company or developers you hire are following the coding standards and other business and ethical guidelines set forth by the government.
  • You need to be aware of the copyrights and the ownership issues of the code being written for you, so as to avoid any legal issues in the future.
  • You should also be conscious of any quality assurance, security and stress testing methods the developers or the Developer Company is putting in place to fix the bugs and issues in the app. It is better to hire an independent consultant to ask these questions for you if you don’t possess the technical knowledge required.

Or you may be on the other side of the spectrum, just making apps for general public to buy. It’s like any other business that everyone with a business mind can start with the right resources even without the technical knowledge to build apps. In that case you need to have not just a great idea but also a proper business plan with all its necessary ingredients such as market research, competition research, detailed description of the app, total cost and other expenses, PR strategy and a proper marketing and advertising budget. Either way, I hope this article helps you before you make an app or have one made for you.

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