Maintaining A Safe Distance From The Causes Of Acid Reflux

Has there been any incident when you consumed any food items despite strict warnings and landed into trouble later on? Unable to suppress their desires, oftentimes, people do certain things which they are not supposed to. This then pushes them into some sort of troubles. However, not all people commit the mistake intentionally. The errors occur due to their ignorance. There are people that frequently suffer from acid reflux, and yet, due to their lack of knowledge or awareness, consume such foods that trigger acid reflux. So, if you face acid reflux frequently, you should surely know the causes of acid reflux and avoid them if possible.

Prominent causes of acid reflux

There are several risk factors causing acid reflux, and as a patient, one should, surely, be well familiar with them. The awareness of the causes of the disease can enable the patients to prevent the disease by maintaining a safe distance from them. Here are some notorious causes of acid reflux:

Hiatus hernia: This cause is considered to be not preventable. The patients suffering from this disease need to get the required treatment. Moreover, they should avoid consuming the foods that cause acid reflux.

Citrus fruits: The citrus fruits, such as oranges, catalyze the formation of stomach acid, and when it becomes excessive, the acid reflux occurs.

Fatty and spicy foods: Whether it is the fatty dairy and meat products or the spicy foods; they all contribute towards stomach acid formation. Many people may find it hard to live without these food items, but for the acid reflux patients, it is advisable to keep away.


Chocolates: Not consuming the delicious chocolate when it is in front of the eyes is no less than a punishment. But the sad news is that is it known for being one of the causes of acid reflux and you should be careful if you tend to suffer from it.

Certain spices: The spices may really contribute towards enhancing the taste and flavor of the foods, but certain spices like garlic, and raw onion etc are ill famous for causing acid reflux.

Carbonated beverages: In modern days, the carbonated drinks or beverages have become the integral part of diet almost everywhere. But surprisingly, these beverages are good triggers of acid reflux and the patients require observing restrain to certain extents.

Caffeinated drinks and food products: Caffeine boosts acid reflux and the caffeinated drinks and food products should be excluded from the menu.

Alcohol is one of the front runners when it comes to analyzing the list of the causes of acid reflux. Among all the alcoholic beverages, red wine is known as a most powerful cause of acid reflux.

Smoking: Besides harming the oral health, esophagus, and lungs etc; smoking also plays a vitally significant role as one of the causes of acid reflux.

Obesity: Apart from facing various other complications, the people suffering from obesity are also prone to acid reflux.

Large meals: Eating heavy meals and particularly just before going to bed should be avoided as it causes acid reflux.

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